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Celebrity Big Brother’s Louis Walsh reveals he had secret medical emergency where medics had to rush into the house

Celebrity Big Brother’s Louis Walsh reveals he had secret medical emergency where medics had to rush into the house

The 71-year-old opened up about his time in the Big Brother house

Celebrity Big Brother’s Louis Walsh has revealed he had a secret medical emergency during his time on the show where medics had to rush into the house.

The 71-year-old former X Factor judge ended up coming fourth place in the 'ultimate social experiment' and became well-known among ITV viewers for not holding back when it came to his opinions on fellow celebs including the likes of Jedward, Meghan Markle and Sinitta.

Since leaving the show, Louis has opened up about his health during his time on CBB.

Speaking to The Sun, Louis shared how his mental health took a turn after entering the house.

The TV personality shared that he had been secretly suffering from insomnia and anxiety on the programme as well as experiencing two panic attacks early one morning which led to medics treating him off-camera.

He also revealed he was given medication which did not seem to help things before admitting that the night times 'scared' him.

Louis Walsh opened up about his mental health during his time on CBB.

"We weren’t allowed to get up and do anything if we woke up in the night so I’d wake at 3, 4 In the morning, and just lie there in the dark, worrying about things," he told the outlet.

Louis continued: "Worrying about my mother, my health, what I had said that day - for the first time ever, I suffered from anxiety.

"They gave me my prescription sleeping pills but they would only give me one rather than two and after they wore off I was awake, panicking. The night times scared me."

Louis came fourth in the show.

He did, however, note that there were medics on-call '24/7' who were 'brilliant'.

"They spoke to me and calmed me down after I started having a panic attack and they really helped calm me down," he explained.

"I’ve never had therapy before, not even when I was diagnosed with the cancer, but for the first time ever I spoke to psychotherapists when I was in that house."

He added: "It was surreal because you couldn’t see them, you just spoke to them through an ear piece - but they really helped me."

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