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Bridgerton viewers have 'worked out' why Netflix split season three in half

Bridgerton viewers have 'worked out' why Netflix split season three in half

After weeks of frustration, viewers think they know why Bridgerton season three has been dropped in two parts

Ever since Bridgerton season three part one dropped on Netflix, we've been waiting patiently for the next instalment.

For the first time in the show's history, Netflix decided to split the third season in two halves, dropping four episodes last month and another four on 13 June.

It's a move that has sent most of us absolutely wild.

The second part of season three is out on 13 June (Netflix)
The second part of season three is out on 13 June (Netflix)

For those who like to binge episode after episode of Bridgerton in one weekend (who are we kidding? One day would suffice) it's nothing short of traumatic.

And while people have been criticising Netflix for leaving best part of a month's gap between each half, once the trailer for part two arrived on Monday (3 June), viewers said it all made sense.

It kicks off with Colin announcing to his family that he and Pen are set to be married.

And it's not long before the entire ton know, after Penelope manages to put together a Whistledown pamphlet revealing the news overnight.

Of course, once Eloise finds out the pair are betrothed, things get complicated. She tells Penelope that Colin couldn't possible love her if he doesn't know the *real* her.

Meanwhile, it looks as though we can expect plenty more steamy scenes after Colin tells Anthony and Benedict why the wedding is to be so 'swift'.

To summarise, it was pretty dramatic and people have been floored by what's to come.

So much so that viewers are now saying they realise why Netflix decided to split the season, after weeks of wondering what was behind the decision.

Posting the trailer, one person said: "Dare I say this may be the best Bridgerton season yet? Really smart that they split season 3 into two parts. The anticipation is high."

Will Colin find out about Penelope's secret? (Netflix)
Will Colin find out about Penelope's secret? (Netflix)

While another added: "Ok but I LOVE the split release for bridgerton, I'm now so excited that we get more content."

And a third said: "While I hate it that they split this ss into 2 parts but i think they made a good decision it gives people a little more time to talk about it the cast has more time to promote the season during the break and people will hype it up again when part 2 releases."

And a fourth explained: "Now I understand the break between part 1 and 2, to prevent us all completely dying in one sitting!"

If Netflix wanted to build up the hype, mission accomplished.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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