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Nicola Coughlan reveals Bridgerton sex scene got so intense during filming they the broke furniture

Nicola Coughlan reveals Bridgerton sex scene got so intense during filming they the broke furniture

Nicola Coughlan shared that she was 'really going for it' with her co-star Luke Newton, which led to a piece of furniture 'collapsing'

We've officially had almost a week to get stuck into the first part of Bridgerton season 3, but that won't stop us gushing over what was happening behind the scenes.

Whether we're learning that leads Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) got so carried away filming the infamous carriage scene that they didn't hear the director say 'cut', or that it was Coughlan's own empowered choice to go au naturel, we just love hearing all of the goss.

The latest bit of info pertains once again to Bridgerton's legendary sex scenes. At this point, it's hard to sum up the plot other than by 'Regency-era erotica'.

Speaking to Stylist, Coughlan shared: "I specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included. There’s one scene where I’m very naked on camera, and that was my idea, my choice.

"It just felt like the biggest ‘f**k you’ to all the conversation surrounding my body; it was amazingly empowering."

As for the sheer amount of sex scenes, Coughlan added that she 'felt great' about the nudity, 'because not only did I consent to it but I drove it'.

She also told Radio Times that filming the sex scenes were some of her favourite parts of being on set.

She said: "It was one of the things I enjoyed most. Luke and I had a real hand in what we did and how it came across. We had agency and we could let it flow.

The third season of Bridgerton revolves around Penelope and Colin. (Netflix)
The third season of Bridgerton revolves around Penelope and Colin. (Netflix)

"Thankfully, we had that physical comfort with one another – so it ended up being a really beautiful thing."

It certainly translates to the screen - and makes Coughlan's latest admission that they literally broke furniture while filming the sex scenes make even more sense.

Sat with Newton, Coughlan told RTÉ 2FM: "There's a big ole scene in the show. We were in the middle of it."

Newton then adds: "And we were given an opportunity to go for it."

Coughlan joked: "Not freestyle! We had an intimacy coordinator. But they don't tell you exactly what to do at each point in time. It's not like every two seconds, 'touch the face here'. It's not that.

"We are in the driver's seat basically. But there was one moment which the camera was quite far away from us, it was overhead.

There's certainly no shortage of steamy scenes. (Netflix)
There's certainly no shortage of steamy scenes. (Netflix)

"There's sometimes, in a scene, you feel like it's just working. We were like 'yeah, this is sexy, this is cool'.

"So we were really going for it. And then the next thing we just heard 'boom'.

"The piece of furniture collapsed under us. We snapped it. It was a very clean, satisfying clean break."

Newton then concedes: "Yeah. It was, it was."

In a follow up interview with Buzzfeed, Coughlan and Newton once again addressed the written off piece of furniture.

Newton said: "I don't know if we can say [what kind of furniture it was]."

Coughlan said: "It wasn't a bed. Someone said candlestick and I said 'what did you think we were doing?'

"I would say it was a piece of furniture that you would more see in the past than the present. But yeah, we did break it during a sexy scene."

Of course, this information has simply delighted fans.

One person wrote: "Bridgerton Netflix needs to post a pic of that ruined piece of furniture the second they drop part two! The internet would catch fire."

Another added: "It would be GOLD if they added that into the story and that scene makes the final cut."

Bridgerton Series 3 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix, and Part 2 lands on 13 June.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/RTÉ 2fm / Netflix

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