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Bridgerton fans spot ‘intense’ detail in background of scene as director confirms if it was actually intentional

Bridgerton fans spot ‘intense’ detail in background of scene as director confirms if it was actually intentional

Fans described the moment between Colin and Penelope as 'intense'

With Bridgerton Season three dropping last week, fans have been combing through the first four episodes and re-watching every moment of the Polin's love story.

One fan has noticed a particular detail in a scene of the Netflix series, which shows Colin and Penelope having a rather intense moment towards the end of episode three.

People are loving the Polin love story (Netflix)
People are loving the Polin love story (Netflix)

The pair are at one of the season's many society balls, when Colin approaches Penelope on the dance floor.

Seemingly in a bit of a trance at the prospect of speaking to her, Penelope asks Colin if 'he is well'.

Moments later, Lord Debling arrives on the scene and asks Pen for a dance.

The pair head off together and Colin is left on the sidelines looking utterly lost.

But viewers have noticed one tiny detail in the scene and now, the director of the episode has actually spoken out about whether it was intentional.

You can watch the moment below:

Fans have taken to X to point out that Colin's mother, Violet Bridgerton, actually watched the entire interaction take place.

As Colin walks over to Penelope, Violet can be seen looking on in the background, witnessing the passionate encounter.



While another said: "Girllll I can see her smiling!!!!!"

And a third added: "This was so intense! Definitely a favourite moment."

Speaking about the scene, director Andrew Ahn explained that he and Ruth Gemmell (who plays Violet) spoke about this moment and decided that Violet should be present.

"Ruth Gemmell and I spoke about this and she wanted to be in the background of the scene so that Violet could witness this moment!" Andrew explained.

Violet can be seen in the background (Netflix)
Violet can be seen in the background (Netflix)

Polin's love story has been driving Bridgerton viewers wild after the first four episodes arrived on Netflix.

Viewers have been especially obsessed with the steamier scenes in the series, especially *that* carriage scene.

Nicola opened up in a recent interview with Radio Times about why the sex scenes were some of her 'favourite' to film.

She said: "Hundreds of millions of people watch the show - not five. That’s really scary. But it was one of the things I enjoyed most.

"Luke and I had a real hand in what we did and how it came across. We had agency and we could let it flow.

"Thankfully, we had that physical comfort with one another – so it ended up being a really beautiful thing.

"Luke is a dream to work with. We really had each other’s back. Having now watched those scenes, I’m so proud of them.”

You can watch the final four episodes of Bridgerton season three on Netflix on 13 June.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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