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Bones creator says there's hope for potential comeback

Bones creator says there's hope for potential comeback

Fans have been begging for the Fox series to return, with Hart Hanson saying that Bones might make a return despite not airing since 2017.

Whilst most of Hollywood is shutting down due to the Writers’ strike, one show might be getting revived.

Despite Bones not being on the air nearly seven years ago, the Fox series might be rebooted with the show’s creator saying there’s hope.

It gives a massive boost to fans of the long-running crime series, which ran for an impressive 12 seasons with over 240 episodes.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz starred in the popular police procedural.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The police procedural first hit the small screen back in 2005, with each episode focusing on a new grisly discovery to be investigated by the FBI.

With Emily Deschanel as the titular forensic anthropologist, Dr Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan, and Buffy star David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seely Booth – the show was a major hit for Fox.

Sadly though, the long-running drama came to an end and left a gap bigger than some of the victims' wounds.

However, showrunner and creator, Hart Hanson, has given an exciting update from the picket line – revealing that the cast and crew are still in touch.

“We are in contact with each other,” he told Variety, adding that the group are keen to reunite for a new season.

“Everybody on ‘Bones’ is in contact with each other. At separate times, it’s like, ‘What are you doing? What’s the availability?’”

His comments were also echoed by the executive producer, Stephen Nathan, who joked that it was ‘odd’ that everyone had remained in touch and added that it was a ‘great group’.

Though the writers’ strike could delay any potential reboot.

The show ran for 12 seasons, racking up over 240 episodes.
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Hartman explained this to Variety, saying: “It’s complicated now because Fox broadcast ‘Bones,’ but Disney now bought 20th, so they own (the show). It would take a million agents and lawyers to figure out who owns what and what platform it would show on.”

He added: “But we do keep talking. And every once in a while, we are all nostalgic enough to think, ‘Maybe we should do it again.’ Who knows? Maybe this will bump-start us.”

Whilst Bones might be in limbo, other shows are also suffering during the Writers' strike with many productions being put on hold.

This includes Stranger Things with the filming of the Netflix series postponed indefinitely, meanwhile the season two premieres of Wednesday and XO, Kitty have been severely delayed.

With no end in sight for the industrial action, only time will tell if we get another season of the long-running crime drama.

Hopefully, the cast and crew are on the case!

Featured Image Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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