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Billie Piper reveals shocking amount of money her wig cost for transformation in Netflix film Scoop

Billie Piper reveals shocking amount of money her wig cost for transformation in Netflix film Scoop

Rufus Sewell's prosthetics have got nothing on this eye-wateringly expensive wig...

While Rufus Sewell’s transformation into Prince Andrew has left many people’s jaws on the floor, it turns out there’s another makeover from Netflix flick Scoop that could prove equally surprising.

The feature-length movie follows what happened behind the scenes of that infamous 2019 Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew (played by Sewell), who was grilled by Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson) about his connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The hour-long programme was filmed at Buckingham Palace after being secured by TV producer Sam McAlister, who is portrayed in Scoop by Billie Piper.

It became landmark TV as the royal bumbled his way through Maitlis’ questions, chatting through an unexpected habit for Pizza Express and his supposed inability to sweat.

Recognising the drama of the car crash interview, it didn’t take long for Netflix to turn it into a feature film – though focusing more on the process behind it, rather than the conversation itself.

Billie Piper as Sam McAlister.

Sewell spent up to four hours a day to become Prince Andrew, while Piper had her own extreme measures from wardrobe and makeup.

In a promotional clip from Netflix, Piper spoke with her real-life counterpart about the role to discuss the lengths she took to get into character.

The pair discussed everything from both being ‘hard-working, grafting women’ to... whether or not they sweat.

Delving into the 'Sam McAlister look', McAlister asked the actor: “Did you get sick of wearing black every day?”

Piper with the real Sam McAlister.

Piper replied: “I didn’t, actually! I really enjoyed it.

“It’s really nice when you’ve got a look to go into, it really helps separate you from yourself when you’re acting.”

McAlister then admitted she ‘couldn’t believe’ the price of the peroxide blonde wig Piper had to wear.

“£11,000!” Piper agreed, added: “My most expensive wig to date.”

Along with that particularly pricey wig, Piper also had to wear a lot of black, as per McAlister’s favoured style.


“I most definitely do sweat under pressure because, as you now know, I never wear any natural fabrics!” the former Newsnight booker joked, with Piper also remembering the 'leather trousers' her character wore.

McAlister said she was 'screamingly thrilled' when she found out Piper was going to play her in the film, saying: "We have a quite similar energy, it turned out."

Watch Scoop on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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