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Netflix viewers left outraged over 'unnecessary' scene in new Prince Andrew film

Netflix viewers left outraged over 'unnecessary' scene in new Prince Andrew film

The Duke of York's 'car crash' Newsnight interview adaptation has divided viewers

When Netflix bosses announced in 2022 that'd they'd commissioned a feature-length drama telling the story of Prince Andrew's car-crash Newsnight interview with BBC's Emily Maitlis, viewers couldn't WAIT to sink their teeth into it.

And this weekend, almost two years after the initial teaser, the huge-name movie titled Scoop landed on our screens, subsequently dividing streaming service users with its hypersensitive content, with some hitting out about one particular scene.

For those who can't quite recall the ins and outs of the Duke of York's calamitous chat with the Beeb back in 2019, it followed months of speculation over his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died two months prior.

Former financier Epstein was found guilty of having curated an elite circle of associates who procured, abused and trafficked women and children.

Amongst those to have been associated with the late paedophile - who died in his jail cell a month after being convicted - was his close friend Prince Andrew.

The father-of-two was accused by Virginia Giuffre of having sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions in Epstein's company when she was a minor.

The movie follows Prince Andrew's interview with Newsnight.
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Amid her shocking allegations, the BBC sought to interview the Prince in order to hear his long-awaited side of the story, and eventually he sat down with Newsnight legend Emily Maitlis for a conversation that would later be described as 'a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion'.

The new Netflix addition is a behind-the-scenes look into how a group of female journalists were able to negotiate with Buckingham Palace in order to secure the 'scoop of the decade', which resulting in the Prince's public disgrace.

The A-list blockbuster was adapted from the written work of ex-Newsnight producer Sam McAlister, who is played by Doctor Who legend Billie Piper.

Amongst the numerous stars also appearing in the production are Sex Education bombshell Gillian Anderson (who plays Maitlis), The Man In The High Castle actor Rufus Sewell who plays Prince Andrew, and Bodyguard frontwoman Keeley Hawes as the royal's Private Secretary Amanda Thirsk.

Rufus Sewell, Keeley Hawes, and Charity Wakefield in Scoop.

And despite only landing on the streaming service a matter of days ago, the controversial movie has left some viewers enraptured and some distressed.

One impressed fan penned on social media: "The acting in #scoop is unbelievable! Can really see how much of a weirdo Andrew really is! #ScoopNetflix."

Another went on: "I’m not one to sit through 2-hr movies, but boy, #scoop was so good I didn’t even blink. The guy who plays Andrew is amazing. You need to watch it!!! #PrinceAndrew #ScoopNetflix"

Amongst the mass praise that the show has received, however, is one particular complaint over an included scene which viewers have branded 'unnecessary'.

Scoop, which also stars Gillian Anderson, has received rave reviews so far.

And if you've already sat through this masterpiece, you'll probably already know what we're referencing here...

In one scene, Prince Andrew takes a bath whilst the BBC Two interview airs, but as he's attempting to relax, his phone is bombarded with criticism, after which he gets out of the tub, flashing his bare backside to the camera.

"Did we really need to see Prince Andrew’s bare a***?" one hit out at producers.

Another went on to jibe: "Rufus Sewell is very good; the writing is very self-regarding; showing Prince Andrew‘s bum is very unnecessary."

Scoop is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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