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Big Brother announces huge shake-up to Friday’s live eviction

Big Brother announces huge shake-up to Friday’s live eviction

Big Brother has announced there's another twist in store for this week...

Big Brother has announced a huge shake-up to Friday’s live eviction, following a shock departure from the house in last night’s episode.

This week has been filled with drama already after Noky and Trish became ‘possessed’ in a thrilling Halloween twist, being forced to nominate three contestants to be put up for eviction.

They chose Dylan, Olivia and Kerry, but ultimately it was Kerry’s time to leave as she made a spooky exit via a coffin.

After the show, viewers tuned in to Big Brother: Late and Live to find out that the twists weren’t ending there, as there was a new curveball in store for later this week.

Kerry was evicted in last night's (31 October) episode.

The official Big Brother account also confirmed the news on X, saying: “As First announced on Big Brother: Late & Live, this Friday will be the first DOUBLE Eviction of the Series!”

Wuh oh...

Commenting on X, one fan wrote: “ITV2 really did wake up on Saturday after evicting Hallie and decided this is the week to choose Chaos.”

Another added: “Wow! Double eviction is scary!!”

Others speculated whose turn it might be to go ahead of nominations being announced.

“Dylan has got to go he thinks he's the main man, also one of those who do nothing like Tom or Matty,” one person said.

Another tweeted: “Get Dylan out immediately… Then I think Olivia will be second.”

Someone else wrote: “Dylan Trish [Noky]… Dylan and Trish will go.”

But others begged for Trish and Noky to be ‘immune’ after passing their ‘possession’ task earlier in the week.

There will be a double eviction this week...

One said: “Trish and Noky better be immune. They passed their secret mission.”

Kerry was booted out of the house on Monday (30 October), although her exit wasn’t shown until last night (31 October).

While housemates are normally interviewed as soon as they leave those doors, Kerry spoke to Will Best on last night’s Late and Live.

She admitted she’d felt ‘ready’ to leave the house, but said she’d never have wanted to leave of her own accord as she isn’t a ‘quitter’.

“I was so ready to come out, it was the best experience, apart from having my son,” Kerry said.

She later added: “This was the best experience ever, I wouldn’t change a thing. But when I say stick a fork in the sausage, I’m done, I mean it, I was ready to get out.”

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