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BBC viewers ‘devastated’ after watching ‘scary’ documentary on man jailed for 17 years after being wrongly convicted

BBC viewers ‘devastated’ after watching ‘scary’ documentary on man jailed for 17 years after being wrongly convicted

Andrew Malkinson was imprisoned for 17 years after being wrongfully convicted for rape

Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault, which some readers may find distressing.

BBC viewers have been left absolutely ‘devastated’ after tuning in to a new documentary about a man who was jailed for 17 years after being wrongly convicted for a serious crime that he did not commit.

Back in August 2003, Andrew Malkinson was arrested for the rape of a 33-year-old woman who had been walking home in Salford, Greater Manchester, when she was dragged down a motorway embankment and strangled until she became unconscious.

Andrew Malkinson. (BBC)
Andrew Malkinson. (BBC)

While there was no DNA evidence linking Malkinson to the crime, he was picked out in an identity parade and the victim claimed she was ‘100 percent sure’ that it was the then-38-year-old who attacked her.

Malkinson has always maintained his innocence - despite the fact that he could have been released much sooner if he’d changed his story - meaning it wasn’t until 2020 that he was released.

It then took a further three years for him to finally have his name cleared.

His story is now the subject of a shocking new BBC documentary The Wrong Man: 17 Years Behind Bars, which follows Malkinson, his family and his legal team as they fight to prove his innocence, from the moment of his arrest to his exoneration at the Court of Appeal 20 years later.

The powerful piece left many viewers reeling, with some people left totally speechless over what happened to him.

Posting on X, one wrote: “#malkinson #TheWrongMan shocked by the unbelievable disaster @gmpolice created for this then young man. No words.”

Someone else said: “I watched this last night - it's a truly shocking & disturbing case. #AndrewMalkinson is still waiting for compensation - outrageous, he should get compensation of a 7 figure sum."

A third commented: “I just cannot cope with comprehending what Andy has been through. The loss of 17 years of his life, plus the psychological and emotional damage. He is still fighting to this day (and will for the rest of his life.) Where’s his compensation at the very least? #gmp #TheWrongMan.”

A fourth added: "I honestly feel devastated for Andrew Malkinson #thewrongman

Where’s his compensation - he deserves to at least live the rest of his like comfortably. Thank you to the Freedom people who got his conviction over turned."

He finally had his conviction overturned in 2023. (BBC)
He finally had his conviction overturned in 2023. (BBC)

Another said it was 'scary to think how easy it is' to be wrongfully convicted of a crime.

Naturally there has been much anger towards Greater Manchester Police for its part in Malkinson’s treatment.

The force tweeted yesterday (6 June) to say it was ‘truly sorry’ for the ‘failures that led to Andrew Malkinson’s wrongful conviction’.

A full statement said: “We remain truly sorry that Mr Malkinson has been the victim of such a grave miscarriage of justice due to the failures of our original investigation.

“We have publicly and directly apologised to both Mr Malkinson and the victim for the mistakes that have already been identified. The matters raised in the BBC documentary are part of the ongoing inquiry that we are fully co-operating with.

“It is beyond doubt that Mr Malkinson did not commit this horrific crime. Our ongoing investigation is committed to ensuring that the true perpetrator is put behind bars so that the victim and all involved can finally have some sense of justice after this awful ordeal.”

Watch The Wrong Man: 17 Years Behind Bars on BBC iPlayer now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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