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The new tense thriller series set in a world where men aren't allowed outside between 7pm and 7am

The new tense thriller series set in a world where men aren't allowed outside between 7pm and 7am

Filming has reportedly started on the dystopian crime mini-series.

Paramount+ has green-lit a new thriller series which sees men’s movements being monitored 24 hours a day as they are forced to adhere to a strict 12-hour curfew.

This forthcoming dystopian nightmare is set to begin when a woman is found brutally murdered and dumped at the doors of a Women’s Safety Centre.

Despite all men being home-bound between the hours of 7pm and 7am, police officer Pamela Green (played by Sarah Parish) is convinced that a man is responsible for the deed.

But due to the implemented curfew - which allows women to wander around at night without looking over their shoulders - Pamela’s colleagues aren’t convinced.

The new mini-series will star Sarah Parish.
Mauro Fagiani/NurPhoto/Getty Images

The Women’s Safety Act has had a positive impact on the community in the last three years and it seems that nobody wants to know otherwise.

Convinced she’s right, Pamela recruits rookie cop Eddie (Mitchell Robertson) who is already tasked with shadowing her.

The pair later link up with Sarah (Mandip Gill), an employee at a local men’s tagging centre and Helen (Alexandra Burke) a local school teacher and advocate for the imposed curfew.

So, if you like what you’re reading, then this is the premise of Curfew - a six-part TV series that will stream exclusively via Paramount+.

The official synopsis for the thriller reads: “If Pamela proves a man committed this murder, it could bring The Women’s Safety Act crashing down – people in high places are determined to make the curfew a success and will do all it takes to prevent Pamela from discovering the truth.”

Curfew will be directed by Britannia and A Town Called Malice’s Joasia Goldyn, while Lydia Yeoman and Nathalie Peter-Contesse are on writing and producing duties, respectively.

It's no doubt set to become your next TV obsession.
Renate Köppel/Pixabay

Speaking about the mini-series, Nathalie told Deadline that Curfew is a 'provocative and thrilling show that aims to contribute to the important conversation around violence against women'.

Vertigo Films is also producing the show, which reportedly began filming in London earlier this month.

The Curfew announcement comes just weeks after the streaming service announced it had culled many beloved original shows.

Paramount+ subscribers were left scratching their heads after the shock cancellation of international dramas like The Burning Girls, The Serial Killer’s Wife, One Night and The Killing Kind.

At the time of writing, there is no release date attached to Curfew - but watch this space!

Featured Image Credit: Mauro Fagiani/NurPhoto/Getty Images/Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

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