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Viewers praise 'gripping' Netflix series all fans of BBC's Bodyguard should be watching

Viewers praise 'gripping' Netflix series all fans of BBC's Bodyguard should be watching

The streaming service hit has blown viewers' minds

Back in 2018, BBC producers had a nation of telly-watchers in a chokehold after releasing a fast-paced political crime-drama, which bagged a 93% approval rating, within a matter of days.

We are, of course, talking about Bodyguard, which told the spine-tingling story of David Budd, a war veteran-turned-specialist protection officer who was assigned to protect UK Home Secretary, Julia Montague, following a series of attempted terror attacks.

Basso stars as an FBI agent in the series.

If you've already sat through this six-episode thriller, you'll already be totally aware as to why this was quickly dubbed one of the best BBC dramas of modern times.

And - if you can believe it - it's already been five whole years since Game of Thrones heartthrob Richard Madden and Ashes to Ashes actress Keeley Hawes teamed up to bring us this heart-stopping hit.

Since then, we've been DYING for TV bosses to announce a second series with as much horror and heartache as the first, but have been left bitterly disappointed by producers' apparent reluctance to do so.

Don't fret, however, telly-lovers, because there's another high-intensity action-packed limited series which is giving Bodyguard a run for its money.

And to make matters even better, this 10-episode banger is available to stream on Netflix right now!

The Night Agent sees American actor Gabriel Basso playing low-level FBI agent Peter Sutherland, who works in the basement of the White House, just waiting for the call that will change his career.

Before long, he finds himself wrapped up in a conspiracy theory leading all the way to the Oval Office, with the each episode only taking up around an hour, making it great binge-worthy material.

Though the series was first released onto the streaming service back in 2023, it still remains a popular show among Netflix viewer who were quick to praise it online.

And apparently, we're not the only viewers who were quick to link up The Night Agent with it's British police predecessor, after thousands of fans dubbed it the perfect follow-up to Bodyguard.

"netflix released the night agent for me because bbc were too scared to give us bodyguard s2 and it SERVED," one penned on social media.

Another wrote online: "Everyone needs to watch The Night Agent on Netflix, if you like the series Bodyguard then 100% watch it."

If you need another show to add to that inevitably long list of things to binge, fans of Bodyguard may want to make this one a priority.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/ Netflix

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