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Netflix viewers rate new thriller series 10/10 after binge-watching in one day

Netflix viewers rate new thriller series 10/10 after binge-watching in one day

Viewers couldn't contain their excitement over the latest series to hit the platform

We've got some cracking telly to look forward to binge-watching as the months get colder and we draw closer and closer to spooky season.

A brand-new thriller series, Pact of Silence, has just dropped on Netflix and viewers are already rating it '10/10' after watching the entire thing in just one day.

The original series, which is entirely in Spanish, first premiered on the streaming platform last Wednesday (11 October) and has since gone down a total treat with viewers at home. Check out the trailer here:

The 18-episode series, with episodes lasting about 40 minutes or so each, takes place in Mexico and was filmed across locations in Guerrero, Mexico City, Soledad de Doblado, and Veracruz.

The official synopsis reads: "Under the cover of night, four teens take an infant to a remote location and leave her in a rundown building.

"Waiting to pick them up is their school headmistress, Ramona. She’s helping the girls hide the pregnancy and is now assisting in abandoning the child, later named Brenda.

"Brenda survives a childhood living in squalor — but barely. After pulling herself out of poverty, Brenda becomes a well-connected influencer with millions of followers.

"She’s powerful, she’s confident, and she wants to make sure the people who left her for dead — especially her biological mother — pay for what they did. First on her list: Ramona."

Literal chills.

So - who's in the cast for the latest drama series?

Pact of Silence premiered on Netflix last week (11 October).

Camila Valero plays Brenda Rey, the social media influencer who was abandoned as a baby by the four private-school kids.

With an enormous thirst for the suspect details surrounding her birth after living an extremely difficult childhood, Brenda discovers the truth, while she finds love and unearths secrets that will endanger her life.

Chantal Andere takes on the role of Ramona Castro, a philanthropist and former headmistress of the all-girls school that the four teens attended.

Adriana Louvier plays housewife Fernanda Alarcón while Marimar Vega plays realtor Martina Robles.

Litzy takes on the character of writer Sofía Estrada while Kika Edgar plays congresswoman Irene Bustamante.

José Manuel Rincón is casted as Irene’s stepson, Adriano, with Martín Barba as Alex, who helps Brenda find the women who abandoned her.

And, last but not least is Erick Chapa who plays Fernanda’s husband, Rodrigo.

Fans managed to watch all 18 episodes of the latest thriller series in just a single day.

It's clear fans couldn't wait to share their verdict on the thriller series, with one Facebook user revealing: "I binge-watched this in ONE day. So many plot twists!"

Another viewer took to X, formerly Twitter, to write: "Go watch Pact of Silence on Netflix 10/10!!"


"Just finished watching Pact of Silence and man it was good," gushed a second.

"This has so much drama in it," praised a third. "It’s really good!"


A fourth chimed in: "Omg Pact of Silence is a 10/10."

"I stood up all night watching Pact of Silence... I’m so tired and I still ain’t finish it’s so damn good!" added a final viewer.

I know what I'll be watching this week.

Pact of Silence is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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