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Netflix viewers praise new drama inspired by true story as ‘best TV show they’ve ever seen’

Netflix viewers praise new drama inspired by true story as ‘best TV show they’ve ever seen’

Fans are rushing to social media to praise the new crime-drama

There's a brand-new crime-drama that's just dropped on Netflix and fans are beyond obsessed with it.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past day or two, you'll know that the iconic Sofía Vergara has starred in one of the most highly-anticipated series of the year so far.

And from the looks of it, it seems the six-part series hasn't disappointed as Netflix viewers have since rushed to social media to praise the new drama inspired by true story as the 'best TV show they’ve ever seen'.

Check out the official trailer here:

Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatisation comes from the creative minds who brought us Narcos, with the Modern Family star taking on the role of Queenpin, Griselda Blanco, and her journey from Medellín to becoming 'the Godmother' of Miami's drug empire.

Based on Blanco's life, the show promises to show 'a lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm' that helped her become one of the biggest druglords in the US.

It also features an all-Latin cast including the likes of Alberto Guerra as Dario, Vanessa Ferlito as Maria Gutierrez, Martín Rodríguez as Rivi Ayala, Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo and Gabriel Sloyer as Diaz.

And viewers can't seem to get enough.

Sofía Vergara in Griselda.

One X (formerly Twitter) user penned: "Griselda is genuinely one of the best TV shows I've ever seen. Sofía Vergara completely transformed herself!"

"Sofía vergara is killing this role!" praised a second, while a third chimed in: "That Griselda series on Netflix was really fire!"

A fourth echoed: "That Griselda series on Netflix is must-see!"

"I just finished the first episode of Griselda on Netflix and omg it’s so good!" gushed fifth.

A final Twitter user added: "I started Griselda on Netflix and…yeah I had to finish it! I could not stop watching. SofÍa Vergara

was ACTING baby!!! Very well done series!!!"

Griselda features an all-Latin cast.

Well, I know what I'll be binge-watching this weekend.

So - how did Vergara turn herself into 'La Madrina'?

Well, the series was created by Eric Newman with Andrés Baiz directing every episode, with Baiz revealing that Vergara’s physical transformation was one of the toughest aspects of the show.

He told Tudum: "What we decided was that she had to be different than Sofia, but we shouldn’t imitate Griselda Blanco."

Newman agreed that matching Blanco’s hair and makeup should not have come at the expense of Vergara’s performance, saying: "She sat in makeup every day for hours! She was in every scene."

The Modern Family star went through a major transformation for the role.

Not only did the star wear five different wigs for the time jumps from the 70s into the 80s, but she also donned prosthetic eyebrow covers and false eyebrows glued on top.

Vergara also wore a prosthetic nose and a plate of teeth that were slightly bucked and yellowed out because Griselda smokes throughout the series too.

"It’s no longer the actor," Newman added. "No one ever saw her on set as Sofia by the time she left her makeup trailer.

"She was Griselda."

Griselda is currently available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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