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Netflix viewers divided by 'dark' new series as many share same complaint

Netflix viewers divided by 'dark' new series as many share same complaint

The dark psychological thriller has completely split the opinion of viewers

Netflix viewers have been left divided by a dark psychological thriller starring one of Hollywood's biggest names.

The streaming giant usually get it pretty bang on when it comes to serving up seriously gripping TV series and films that set social media alight and don't leave our minds for weeks.

This is especially true when it comes to their psychological dramas and thrillers. Whether slow burns or hard hitters, viewers are usually left raving about their cerebral watch.

I mean, in recent times we've written about Devil In Ohio, The Chestnut Man and Dear Child as they're thrilling Netflix titles you just can't miss.


Yet with a release from earlier this year in May, not all viewers can add it to the list of must watches.

The series in question is Eric, which first premiered on the Netflix UK platform on May 30 and stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

The promotional poster shows a stressed out looking Cumberbatch with the tagline: "The real monsters aren't under the bed."

Watch the trailer here:

Eric begins in New York, 1985, and follows the story of Vincent, a puppeteer stuck in a dead-end, loveless marriage who becomes completely distraught following the disappearance of his son, Edgar.

His only solace is the drawings of his missing son, all of a blue monster puppet called Eric.

Vincent convinces himself that if he succeeds in getting Eric on television screens, his son will return home safely.

It's an intriguing plot that many loved, but not everyone can say the same thing.

It was received well critically, landed a score of 70% on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Eric stars Benedict Cumberbatch. (Netflix)
Eric stars Benedict Cumberbatch. (Netflix)

Critic Barbara Ellen noted for The Observer that 'the first two episodes alone are better than most thrillers'.

There are some viewers that were totally hooked.

One person wrote: "Nearly gave up one first episode but was told it’s really good. By second episode was hooked."

Another said: "A banger, 10-10. The acting was amazing took me in."

A third added: "I just finished it. Benedict Cumberbatch is intense, as is the story. Definitely worth watching it for dynamic story, mystery and performances."

The dark psychological thriller has divided viewers. (Netflix)
The dark psychological thriller has divided viewers. (Netflix)

Not everybody was so convinced though, as mentioned.

On the other side of the coin, one person chimed: "Meh, found it quite boring."

Another added: "Was alright until they actually showed the animated Eric all the time. Became unrealistic."

While a third said: "It's just not for me..."

Our advice would be that next time you find yourself scrolling through the sea of available titles, it's worth sticking it on and making up your own mind.

You might just find yourself hooked.

Eric is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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