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Netflix releases first 4 minutes of Bridgerton season 3 part 2

Netflix releases first 4 minutes of Bridgerton season 3 part 2

The period-drama hit returns to screens this Thursday

Bridgerton fans have been sent into a frenzy after Netflix producers have today released the first four minutes of the eagerly-awaited second-half to the third series, which lands on Thursday 13 June.

In the clip - which has since gone viral on social media - Penelope Featherington can be seen resuming her identity as Lady Whistledown, composing another letter under the guise of the elusive author.

Viewers will recall that at the end of the first-half of the series, her long-time love interest Colin Bridgerton finally popped the all-important question, following a rather hands-on romp in the carriage.

Moving her quill across the page, viewers see flashbacks of the moment the duo broke the exciting news to Colin's family - something which Penelope still cannot believe to be a reality - with the brood seemingly divided.

The teaser comes just days after streaming service bosses dropped the series' official trailer, leaving fans unable to contain their excitement.

As well as showing the newly-engaged couple announcing their engagement to 'the Ton', the video revealed that we're in for a showdown for the ages, as Colin's sister and Pen's ex-BFF Eloise threatens to reveal the series' best kept secret so far once she finds out the pair are betrothed.

She tells Penelope that Colin couldn't possible love her if he doesn't know the *real* her.

The 4 minute teaser landed earlier today. (Netflix)
The 4 minute teaser landed earlier today. (Netflix)

Meanwhile, it looks as though we can expect plenty more steamy scenes after Colin tells Anthony and Benedict why the wedding is to be so 'swift'.

Following the release of the trailer - in which Lady Danbury iconically remarks, 'Who needs fresh air when there is fresh gossip?' - the show's producer Shonda Rhimes gave fans a glimpse into what they can expect, revealing that the ending left her reaching for the tissues.

She explained last week: "We're very secretive about it, but I will say that it is sexy and surprising in many ways, and also, I cried at the end.

"I found it really moving, and you know, I don't always cry, so I really got into it, I think it's a beautiful story."

Naturally, therefore, following Shonda's concerning admission, fans are praying that the producer was reduced to happy tears, as opposed to feeling devastating that things don't work out between Penelope and Colin.

Taking to social media, one viewer desperately begged: "WAIT. THE ENDING OF S3 MADE SHONDA CRY? THE SHONDA RHIMES????? CRYING?????

Will Eloise reveal Penelope's long-kept secret? (Netflix)
Will Eloise reveal Penelope's long-kept secret? (Netflix)


Another added: "By the way she said it though, it sounds like maybe she cried in a good way? So hopefully happy tears!"

While someone else pleaded: "Nooo stop this woman that has traumatised me for years from greys anatomy to scandal please I’m here for light and fluffy it better be tears of joy!"

More to come.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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