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Bridgerton fans left confused by major 'continuity error' in Kanthony storyline

Bridgerton fans left confused by major 'continuity error' in Kanthony storyline

One scene in Bridgerton season two appears to contradict later developments in season three

People all across the globe were beyond buzzing to finally sink their teeth into the final four episodes of the third season of Bridgerton when they dropped last week (13 June).

However, while Netflix viewers have been well and truly treated to a whole bunch of the period drama antics - many have been left confused by a major 'continuity error' in the Kanthony storyline.

Now, season three focuses mainly on friends-to-lovers Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, played by Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan respectively.

However, the season prior was centred around Simone Ashley who plays Kate Sharma and Jonathan Bailey who stars as Anthony Bridgerton.

There seems to be somewhat of a lack of clarity when it comes to the whole Kate and Anthony - or Kanthony - storyline following their honeymoon.

So, for some context, at the end of season two the pair got back from their honeymoon to be greeted by Colin.

But then, at the beginning of S3, they get back AGAIN but Colin hasn't yet gotten back from his travels.

He then arrives and greets them in the middle of the episode - which is what some fans reckon is the major continuity blunder.

Taking to social media, one explained: "Season 2 ends with Kanthony’s love declaration.

"Between S2 and S3 they got married and honeymooned. But now we know they actually extended their honeymoon after returning to London.

"QC notes that Kanthony are on their honeymoon but Daphne has since had a second baby with Simon."

Bridgerton viewers were left pretty baffled by the whole Kanthony honeymoon storyline. (Netflix)
Bridgerton viewers were left pretty baffled by the whole Kanthony honeymoon storyline. (Netflix)

The Redditer continued: "But in the S2 epilogue Kanthony return from their honeymoon. I’m assuming this is their second honeymoon. Which makes the S2 epilogue take place during or after the events of S3.

"And if that’s the case, then Daphne’s second child should be there and Pen as well since Polin get married mid season.

"And that means that if S3 part 2 shows Kanthony expecting, then they should be expecting in the epilogue of S2."

Finishing off, they rounded off: "But also, the costuming is then all wrong cause now Kate is in all these muted tones and blues. But the epilogue shows her in bright purple.

"I’m spiralling."

You and me both.

Another fan of the show took to X to share their bewilderment too, writing: "I think there's a continuity error in #BridgertonS3.

"In the finale of S2, Anthony & Kate have just returned from a 6 mos honeymoon & Colin is there.

"But in S3E1, they are back a week from the honeymoon & Colin has just returned, much changed from traveling for months."

A second replied: "OK I was a little confused about that so I think you’re right."

However, a third X user pointed out: "If you watched Queen Charlotte they literally say Kanthony have extended their honeymoon."

Bridgerton season three is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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