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Bridgerton creators reveal reason behind mirror scenes in season 3

Bridgerton creators reveal reason behind mirror scenes in season 3

The entire third season of the Regency-era romance is finally available to stream on Netflix

Just when you thought that mirror scene from the latest season of Bridgerton couldn't get any more perfect - we found out some behind the scenes information that has proven to be the cherry on top.

So, did you find yourself waiting what felt like a lifetime for the second half of Bridgerton's third season to drop, just to binge it all in one day?

Same. Now we keep finding ourselves staring wistfully into the distance thinking about what will unfold next season.

The only thing keeping us going is discovering these little bits of information from the cast and crew that make this season all the more perfect.

The third season focused on the chemistry-filled love story between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

We were promised a lot of chemistry and steamy moments from the outset, and were not disappointed at the end of the first half when we saw Penelope and Colin finally express their love for one another - and then get down to some pretty raunchy foreplay in the back of a carriage.

Then, of course, Colin asked for Penelope's hand in marriage and we swooned at the prospect of their happily ever after.

Yesterday (13 June), when the second half dropped, we realised we hadn't really scratched the surface when it came to intimate scenes between the pair.

The two can't get enough of each other. (Netflix)
The two can't get enough of each other. (Netflix)

It was discovered pretty quickly that the piece of furniture the two actors broke when filming a sex scene was a chaise lounge, as viewers were treated to six whole minutes of Colin and Penelope connecting on a very physical level.

But for many, it isn't the carriage scene or even the chaise lounge scene that will go down as their personal favourite.

Instead, it's the much-anticipated mirror scene that is just as hot and heavy in the 'Romancing Mister Bridgerton' novel, written by Julia Quinn, from which this season was adapted.

Viewers are going wild over the mirror scene. (Netflix)
Viewers are going wild over the mirror scene. (Netflix)

The mirror scene features Penelope undressing slowly in front of Colin and a mirror so he can admire her body before they have sex for the first time - and he takes the opportunity to tell her she is beautiful.

Newton told Harpers Bazaar of the scene: "I didn’t even realise how genuine, honest, authentic, and also modern it felt until I watched it back. I don’t know why [that didn’t occur to me during production], but I had a moment of watching it back and thinking, Wow, this really does represent the ultimate, caring act of love."

Showrunner Jess Brownell added to TV Insider: "Mirrors became a strong motif across the season in terms of representing the idea that there’s a self you see in the mirror and the self that is standing on the other side of the mirror. The self you show to the world versus the self you are."

We have to say, it worked perfectly.

And on that note, we're off for a rewatch.

Bridgerton season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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