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Fans praise 'outstanding' Netflix series after comparing it to true crime documentary American Nightmare

Fans praise 'outstanding' Netflix series after comparing it to true crime documentary American Nightmare

The true-crime thriller has sent fans wild

If you're on the look out for a brand new binge-worthy crime-thriller boxset to sink your teeth into this weekend, call off the hunt.

That's because we've sifted though the plethora of limited series and blockbuster movies that the streaming service has to offer so you don't have to.

In doing so we've stumbled upon a chilling eight-parter that viewers have been going wild over since it dropped in 2019.

The spine-tingling thriller tells the story of a young woman who is assaulted and kidnapped by a home invader.

Tragically, however, once the woman is released, she fails to convince investigating police officers that the crime actually took place.

So much so, that both officials and those living in her surrounding areas brand her a liar and accuse her of fabricating the terrifying story for attention.

It is only when the villainous intruder strikes again that police finally realise that the poor woman - who has endured a horrendous bout of abuse, on top of her abduction and assault - was telling the truth all along.

Such is the torturous tale told in Netflix Original series Unbelievable, which on top of a heart-stopping plot boasts a huge name cast, including Hereditary star Toni Collette and Kaitlyn Dever.

If you're a true-crime fanatic however, and upon reading our synopsis for the series you're experiencing a touch of deja vu, there could be a very good reason for that.

American Nightmare follows the true story of Denise Huskins' kidnapping.

That's because the above summary also describes the stomach-churning real life horror endured by medic Denise Huskins who, back in 2015, was attacked and drugged at her California home, whilst she and boyfriend Aaron Quinn were sleeping at night.

Denise's story was covered told in another Netflix hit - a three-part documentary series titled American Nightmare, which was released earlier this year.

The nurse was blindfolded, sedated and transported to a remote cabin for several days, where she was raped.

During this time, her partner Aaron was initially accused by police of having jointly fabricated the disappearance, before fingers began being pointed at him after officers pointed out the similarities between his story and the newly-released thriller Gone Girl.

Denise unexpectedly reappeared three days later, but police branded the duo 'hoaxers' and even attempted to sue them for wasting their time.

Unbelievable has received huge praise from fans.

Apparently, in the last few weeks alone - possibly due to the January hype aroundAmerican Nightmare - hundreds of telly-lovers have discovered the 2019 hit, going on to gush over it on social media.

"IF YOU LIKE TRUE CRIME I HAVE A SUGGESTION - Unbelievable, the series on Netflix - It’s outstanding," one penned online.

Another went on: "Netflix Recommendations - Unbelievable (Limited series, 2019) - Hollywood. Crime. Drama. True life story. 10/10.

"One of the most watched series on Netflix, and by far the saddest series I have ever seen on the network. After the first episode".

"#Unbelievable Netflix mini series Good one," a final added.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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