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Ariana Grande hits back at cheating rumours in new song

Ariana Grande hits back at cheating rumours in new song

The 'Side to Side' singer has addressed the speculation

Amidst all the great new telly gracing our screens less than two weeks into the New Year, we've also got a whole load of music from all our favourite artists to soundtrack our 2024.

One of the latest releases, which is set to drop in the UK later today (12 January), is Ariana Grande's new house-inspired track which will excitingly mark her first solo musical release since her album 'Positions', back in 2020.

In the new song, however, the 30-year-old hit-maker hit back at cheating rumours following her split from ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, and her rumoured new relationship with Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater.

In the three years since Ariana's taken a momentary step back from music, she's has been working on bringing a film adaptation of the musical Wicked, in which she plays a witch named Glinda, to life.

However, the wait is finally over and fans can, at long-last, hear the 'Bang Bang' singer's incredible vocals once again.

Now, there's been quite the speculation online about Ariana's personal life, namely over the fact that news over her and Ethan's new coupling came of light just days after the news of her divorce, sparking ideas that there may have been some overlap between her two partners.

Such rumours surrounding their romance prompted one of her close family friends to tell People: "People have tried to question the timeline."

Ariana Grande's new song 'Yes, And?' drops today (12 January).

The source also claimed: "Ariana and Ethan didn’t begin seeing each other until after both parties were separated, respectfully."

Ariana seems to be well aware of the rumour mill as, in the lyrics to her new track 'Yes, And?' she doesn't seem in the slightest bit fazed.

"I’m so done with caring, what you think," she sings on the song's second verse, before adding: "No I won’t hide underneath your own projections or change my most authentic life."

Elsewhere in the track, which will be released as a single today ahead of an upcoming album, Ariana gets a little more specific.

She says: "Don’t comment on my body, do not reply. Your business is yours and mine is mine. Why do you care so much whose d*ck I ride?"

Ariana previously revealed 2023 was 'one of the most transformative, most challenging, and yet happiest and most special' of her life.

The Instagram message continued: "I have never felt more pride or joy or love while simultaneously feeling so deeply misunderstood by people who don’t know me, who piece whispers together and make what they want out of me and their assumptions of my life. I have learned how much more important one of those things is than the other."

The music video for 'Yes, And?' will be released later today (12 January) at 3pm.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@arianagrande/@ethanslater

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