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Love Island fans slam Ronnie for 'disrespectful' behaviour as viewers call for him to leave villa

Love Island fans slam Ronnie for 'disrespectful' behaviour as viewers call for him to leave villa

Ronnie Vint's behaviour to Harriet Blackmore on Love Island has been labelled 'disgusting'

The third week of Love Island is in full swing and though the excitement continues, fans of the show are today calling for the removal of one contestant.

Following his controversial and catastrophic love triangle with ex Jess White and Harriett Blackmore, Ronnie Vint has come under fire for once again ditching his current partner for a brand new bombshell at the drop of a hat.

For those who've missed a couple of episodes, allow us to catch you up on the head-spinning drama.

When the much-loved ITV2 dating series returned to our screens earlier this month, southeast-London part-time footballer Ronnie Vint felt an instant connection with Manchester-born retailer manager Jess White.

And though it looked as though their flirtationship was going from strength to strength, both viewers at home and Jess were utterly blind-sided when - after a classic balloon-pop-then-snog challenge - Ronnie revealed he actually had an eye for dance teacher Harriett Blackmore.

Then, after stealing a cheeky - and rather wet-looking - kiss from his new love interest in the Hideaway behind Jess's back (ooh!), Ronnie declared that he was prepared to put all his eggs in Harriett's basket.

Ronnie was initially coupled up with Jess White. (ITV)
Ronnie was initially coupled up with Jess White. (ITV)

But, as we know, this is Love Island, meaning producers already have a carnage-hungry bombshell - or three - up their sleeves to release at any given moment.

And that's exactly what they did last week, introducing Hertfordshire-based HR coordinator Tiffany Leighton, 25, Whitley Bay quantity surveyor Wil Anderson, 23, and Manchester-based marketing agent Grace Jackson, 25, to the villa.

And whilst Grace's arrival certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons, Tiffany's entrance has also sent shockwaves through the Mallorcan love-shack, being that she's certainly caught Ronnie's attention.

During last night's instalment, another kissing challenge saw the pair locking lips right in front of a sour-faced Harriett, after which Ronnie claimed that was his favourite part of the day.

Ronnie then recoupled with Harriett. (ITV)
Ronnie then recoupled with Harriett. (ITV)

He subsequently went on to laugh in his current partner's face, before leaving the villa as part of a sleepover twist with his new beau and some of his fellow islanders, after which he sneakily kissing Tiffany again on the daybeds, outside of a challenge.

Following his dubious move, Ronnie has come under fire for acting as though Harriett didn't exist and simply casting her aside as he did Jess the week prior.

"Ronnie is so disrespectful about women yet they all flock to him," one viewer remarked on social media, whilst another questioned: "What do these girls see in Ronnie???? I just don’t get it."

Another then hit out: "What are we as a nation going to do about getting Ronnie out of the villa?"

A third pleaded: "Ronnie you disgust me get tf out the villa," whilst a fourth confessed: "I’m at the point where I’ll be fast forwarding through any scene with Ronnie."

Viewers called for Ronnie to be removed after he ditched Harriett for Tiffany. (ITV)
Viewers called for Ronnie to be removed after he ditched Harriett for Tiffany. (ITV)

"Please vote them out especially Ronnie," implored another.

A sixth continued: "Pleaseeee can we vote Ronnie out"

Meanwhile, Grace has caught the attention of OG villa bombshell Joey Essex - who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, causing the TOWIE star to call it quits with his first love interest Samantha Kenny.

Keep these plot-twists coming, producers!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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