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Love Island fans in stitches after seeing 'psychopathic' way Ronnie sleeps

Love Island fans in stitches after seeing 'psychopathic' way Ronnie sleeps

ITV2 viewers have been blown away by the contestants' unusual positioning

It's only been a week and a half since the eagerly-awaited 2024 series of Love Island took to our screens, and it's already evident that producers did not come to play this time around.

We've had name-hurling arguments, jaw-dropping recouplings, ground-shaking celebrity entrances - and not to mention a hunky/high-glam bombshell or two.

Viewers were initially blown-away when the first big-name star - none other than TOWIE icon Joey Essex - strolled into the villa during the very first episode in the hope of stealing someone's girl, after which a contestant was immediately dumped, sending shockwaves through the nation.

That marked just the beginning of the shocking moments that ITV bosses had in store, however.

Since then, we've had couples switching partners left, right and centre, rumoured incoming star-studded bombshells, brutal double dumpings.

Honestly, we're struggling to predict what Love Island carnage is going to land on our televisions at nine o'clock every night.

The latest surprise moment came just a matter of hours ago, after it was teased that one of Mr Essex's former flames would be entering the villa in a bid to spice up the season.

Joey is currently coupled up with Samantha. (ITV)
Joey is currently coupled up with Samantha. (ITV)

During last night's episode (13 June), three fresh faces rocked up the villa - one of which, however, the 34-year-old star knew pretty well indeed.

Visibly stunned by the ordeal, reality TV star Joey exclaimed: "Oh my God!" with his hands over his mouth. "I used to see that girl, bro!"

And by the sounds of things, viewers will have to tune into tonight's chaotic instalment to see how the ex's reunion goes down.

As well as the love-hungry drama we all know and love, however, this series has also provided viewers with some proper knee-slapping moments.

One of which also occurred during last night's episode, with a handful of fans noticing something rather odd about the way that one of the islander's sleeps.

In a montage of the group attempting to get some shut-eye following a high-intensity day, the camera panned across to see Ronnie Vint and Jess Wright laying side by side.

Fans have called Ronnie out on the position he sleeps. (ITV)
Fans have called Ronnie out on the position he sleeps. (ITV)

Oddly, however, the south east London-born star was seen to be sitting directly upright in bed with an eye-mask over his face.

Taking to social media during the episode, some fans couldn't help but express their shock.

"Ronnie sleeps like a psychopath #loveisland," one viewer penned as they shared a screengrab.

Another went on: "OMG! I’m so glad someone else has pointed this out because I thought it was just me"

"I thought I was the only one," a third admitted.

Another continued: "Word because why is he always sleeping UPRIGHT"

"I SAID THE SAMMEE THIINGGGG" confessed a fifth.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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