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Love Island star Jessica Hayes announces she’s pregnant after devastating miscarriage

Love Island star Jessica Hayes announces she’s pregnant after devastating miscarriage

Jessica Hayes announces her pregnancy and expresses excitement for 2024

This Christmas period has brought a lot of joy and unexpected gifts to many and for one reality TV star, a wonderful announcement was made to celebrate the growing of her family.

Jessica Hayes was the ultimate winner alongside cricketer Max Morley in season 1 of Love Island 2015 and though their relationship, like many others, didn’t last long after they left the Villa, Jessica went on to start her own family.

After giving birth to a son Presley with her ex-fiancé Dan Lawry a few years after her Love Island journey, the model tragically confirmed the loss of her son, Teddy in 2020 at 19-weeks’ gestation.

After suffering two losses, fans are ecstatic for Jess's pregnancy.
Instagram/ @jessicahayesx_

In a social media post confirming her loss, she wrote: "To Our little Teddy.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you safe for a little while longer.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t take you home.

“I’m sorry we had to say goodbye this way it wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

As Jessica has been open about her want to have more children and look after her family, it was a horrible announcement for her to have to make.

But unfortunately, tragedy was to strike again three years later earlier this year as the TV star suffered her second loss.

She said at the time: "It's not really just losing a pregnancy it's the plans you make, your vision of what that baby or child might of been like, what your family will look like and it gets taken away in a second."

Speaking to new! Magazine, she said: "I've had some therapy and spoken to someone and that's definitely helped… I have days where I just sit and cry, and all I want is him back, but that's just grief."

She continued: "I've always said I want three children and that won't change for me because it's my dream."

Jessica wrote about her excitement for 2024.
Instagram/ @jessicahayesx_

The 29-year-old praised her son Presley for getting her through the ordeal and allowing her to heal in her own time.

But fans were shocked and over-the-moon when Jessica released a surprising announcement on December 27 of a video containing a beautiful bump.

In the clip, you can see little Presley touching her bump, as she talks about looking forward to the New Year.

She wrote: “Going into 2024 with the best gift ever.

“I think you all probably know what this means to me and how much I adore being a mum. Truly blessed.

“Excited for our future and to watch my darlings grow up together.”

As many have been with the model throughout her struggles and losses, fans were quick to rush to the comments to offer kind words and congratulations.

The Love Island star shared a video to Instagram.
Instagram/ @jessicahayesx_

Lauren Goodger was immediately in there, writing: “Excited for you. congratulations xx”

A fan sympathised with the mum and wished her well: “It never replaces but It DOES heal sooooo much of our broken hearts”.

Someone else was ecstatic: “Huge congratulations Jessica absolutely over the moon for you! No one deserves it more”.

Shelby Tribble added: “Congratulations.”

Love Island star Cally Jane Beach said: “Congrats beauty.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @jessicahayesx_

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