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Love Island's Georgia Harrison responds to trolls accusing her of being in a 'showmance'

Love Island's Georgia Harrison responds to trolls accusing her of being in a 'showmance'

She took to Instagram to share her response

While we may have finally come to an end of Love Island All Stars, all the buzz around the show and its couples seems to be nowhere near dying down.

Now, Molly Smith and Tom Clare were crowned the winners of the season on Monday's episode (19 February) after beating five other couples in the final - one of which included the likes of Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk.

The pair came in fifth place but Georgia has since come forward to respond to trolls accusing her of being in a 'showmance' with Anton.

One Love Island viewer penned on Instagram: "I have milk that has a longer shelf life than this relationship," to which the 29-year-old issued a swift response.

"I heard everlasting milk was back in fashion," Georgia replied.

During the final, fans also wondered why she seemingly looked so 'upset' and 'sad' prompting the reality TV star to explain the reason and why it was nothing to do with Anton.

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk came in fifth place.

"Had a couple of these," she wrote. "If I'm being honest the last week was really challenging for me and I was nervous at the final with such a big crowd and also the ex-Islanders on there who had recently voiced strong opinions about me and Anton as a couple."

Georgia continued: "I couldn't hide my apprehension but I can assure you I am very happy and looking forward to the future and appreciate him supporting me through my nerves lol."

Iconic response tbh.

Fans have since rushed in to share their support for Georgia and defend her from the negative comments.

One Instagram user said: "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!"

"TAKE YOUR NEGATIVITY ELSEWHERE!!" hit out a second, while a third chimed in: "She deserves to be happy they both do and they both deserve to be with good people so stop putting negativity on the relationship and let them just work their feelings out!"

Fans rushed to offer their support for the couple.

A fourth echoed: "Truly disappointed in some of comments. I hope you both can block out the noise and give it a serious go. Favourite couple or no, best wishes for you both."

"Rooting for you two," offered another. "Hope yous prove them all wrong!"

And, a final Instagram user added: "Your relationship is your relationship.

"Don’t let other people's jealousy ruin that. If you’re both happy that’s all that matters. I wish you all the best!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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