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Ex-Love Island star Kady McDermott hits out at Mitch Taylor after he reignites feud

Ex-Love Island star Kady McDermott hits out at Mitch Taylor after he reignites feud

Kady branded their on-going spat spat 'boring'

It’s all kicking off in the reality TV-sphere.

Former Love Islanders are taking the gloves off just moments after Mitch Taylor touched down in the UK after being dumped from the All Star villa with partner Liberty Poole.

It’s no secret that Mitch and Kady McDermott have had their issues, since the pair first had an argument about Kady being ‘fake' - but it's now taken a particularly messy turn.

After the 27-year-old arrived home, he took to his Instagram story to post a video of himself rolling his eyes and captioning: “I’ve had my phone back 3 hours no way Kady is still talking about me."

The duo famously appeared on last summer's series and began feuding after the shows end, as Mitch accused Kady of being fake after she labelled him a 'superfan' of the series - suggesting that he'd applied multiple times to get on.

Kady McDermott wasn't playing around in her response to Mitch Taylor.
Instagram/ @kadymcdermott

He said at the time: “She must be the first Islander to come off - and this is coming from Messy Mitch - and go on 10 different podcasts and mince everyone and to the point where it's like you're calling me and Ella B fake, you came in with a boyfriend.”

However, the bombshell took to her TikTok and explained: “His behaviour is f****d towards women and in series 10 he said so much to a girl, I'm not going to say what was said and to whom it was, I sure you can guess.

“Some of the stuff that left his mouth, obviously it didn't get aired, is just mad and the fact that he is back again for another season.

“I feel like fans of the show shouldn't really be an All-Star, do you know what I mean?”

But during this latest spat, Kady was promptly asked by a fan after the former gas engineer’s post: “Why's Mitch's first few stories about you?? it's giving obsessed”.

Kady responded: “Ugh just gonna address this quickly so I don't have to speak on it again. It's BORING.

Mitch accused Kady of being fake during the summer.
Instagram/ @mitcheltaylor_/ ITV

“'The whole of the UK are currently giving their opinions on the show and everyone on it but if I say one thing then omg noooo WW3 ‘Kady is speaking about me again’.

“So let's clear this up shall we. I spoke about Mitch on podcasts after season 10 when I was ASKED by the hosts about my opinions of him on the show, other then that I never speak about him off my own back cos quite frankly I don't give a s**t as he doesn't ever cross my brain except when he's on a screen in front of me.”

She even went on to pack in some of her own punches during her rebuttal.

Kady said: “Mitch has had his phone back what a day and he's already posting stories about me, it's defo giving obsessed you're right but I guess he did email my management last month asking if they would consider managing him before he went on all stars so it makes sense.

“I only speak with facts and always have receipts if needed. Glad that's cleared up and let's move swiftly on x”.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kadymcdermott/ITV

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