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Victoria Beckham was engaged to another man before she fell in love with David

Victoria Beckham was engaged to another man before she fell in love with David

Things could have been VERY different for her

Victoria Beckham was once engaged to another man before she fell in love with husband David, admitting she didn’t even ‘give the ring back’ when they broke up.

The Beckhams have spoken out about their life in new Netflix documentary Beckham, which delves into the ups and downs of dad David’s professional and personal life.

"Beckham, a four-part documentary series, tells the inside story of a global football star and cultural icon,” a synopsis says.

"David Beckham is one of the most known names on the planet, yet few people know who he really is. From his humble working-class beginnings in east London, his drive and determination to win, and the battle to find balance between ambition, love and family, David’s story is one of immense ups and downs.

"The series takes you on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal and definitive story of one of the most recognisable and scrutinised athletes of all time.”

The new documentary is out now.

But while Posh and Becks remain one of the world’s most famous power couples, it all could have been very different if Victoria had married the first bloke she was engaged to.

From the age of 14 to 20, Victoria dated an electrician called Mark Wood, who popped the question in 1994, just after she had auditioned for the Spice Girls.

She even adopted his surname during her early days with the band, having initially been known as Victoria Adams Wood.

Speaking about her former relationship with Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast Show a while back, she explained: "It wasn't the right person for me, I wasn't enjoying myself, so that had to end.

"But I didn't give him the ring back either! I've still got it because it was a wicked ring. Isn't that horrible? It makes me sound really materialistic."

Victoria was once engaged to an electrician called Mark.
Channel 4

Mark, who fitted burglar alarms, previously told The People that he felt ‘proud’ of Victoria’s achievements, despite being ‘sad’ that their relationship was over.

Speaking to the outlet in 1997, he said: "It was a very special relationship. But that part of my life is over. It's sad because we were together for a long time. But she's got what she always wanted and I'm proud of her."

However, he reportedly later changed his tune when Victoria told ITV documentary Being Victoria: "For some reason we got engaged. He was an alarm engineer. If only he'd stayed in that cupboard that I met him in at my mum's house."

It’s believed he wasn’t best pleased by her comments, going on to speak out about their sex life in 2004 Channel 5 documentary Victoria Beckham's Secrets.

At the time, a Channel 5 spokesman said: "As they always say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Mark has never spoken before in public about his relationship with Victoria but feels it is time to set the record straight. Mark was quite hurt by what she said and doesn't intend sparing Victoria's blushes."

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