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Dawn Ward’s daughter Taylor reveals blunt reaction from footballer husband after revealing she felt ‘lonely’ since move

Dawn Ward’s daughter Taylor reveals blunt reaction from footballer husband after revealing she felt ‘lonely’ since move

She opened up about the 'emotional rollercoaster' that followed the couple's big move to Saudi Arabia

Dawn Ward's daughter Taylor has revealed her husband's blunt reaction when she told him she felt lonely after moving to Saudi Arabia.

Taylor, 30, moved to the country with her footballer husband, Riyad Mahrez last year.

Riyad made the move from Manchester City to the Saudi Pro League side Al-Ahli. And understandably, Taylor was left pretty 'overwhelmed' by starting a new life abroad.

Taylor opened up about the move in her docuseries Married To The Game which premiered on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month.

In a clip from the show, the mum-of-one told Riyad she was worried about being on her own in Saudi Arabia.

"Riyad rung me and basically told me that 'we're moving to Saudi'," she said.

The clip then pans to Taylor sat across from her hubby as she tells him: "I'm going to be sat at home on my own."

Taylor became emotional in the clip.
Amazon Prime

At this point Riyard tells her it's simply 'part of the game'.

Taylor has since opened up about that exchange in an interview with the Daily Mail where she admits that line still 'haunts' her.

"I keep seeing it on social media," she added. "That whole week was just an emotional rollercoaster really.

"It was a huge shock and I had absolutely no idea. One day we were planning for Riyad to go back to pre-season with City and then overnight we were moving to Saudi and I was planning this whole move.

"I think it was just very overwhelming at the time and a massive shock because I just didn't see it coming at all.

"That scene with Riyad - that is just him to a tee. He is just straight talking and to the point. He is very much just like, 'it is what it is, you've got to get over it now', whereas I'm more emotional. That's why we work because I'm a bit of a flapper in those situations and he's very on the ball and just gets on with it."

The pair are settling into the move.
Amazon Prime

While Taylor is settling into the move, she has revealed the things she misses about her home.

"The vibe is just very different," she continued. "It's a lot more chilled out there, it's quieter and calmer, whereas in Manchester life is so busy - there's so much going on and we're always going out for dinner and seeing friends.

"That's probably what I'm missing the most, seeing family and friends rather than what the country is missing."

You can watch Married To The Game on Amazon Prime Video now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Amazon Prime

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