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Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce had to move out of his house due to ‘security fears’ after they began dating

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce had to move out of his house due to ‘security fears’ after they began dating

The NFL star's safety was reportedly compromised

They're the celebrity power couple that everybody is talking about right now, and it looks as though Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship is going from strength to strength everyday.

The couple put on a loved-up display at this year's annual Super Bowl over the weekend, with singer-songwriter Taylor, 34, flocked down to Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium - alongside a hoard of her A-list gal pals - to support her NFL beau.

After celebrating in the stands with her friends, Taylor - who donned a $4,250 necklace bearing Travis' #87 - joined his family on the pitch.

It was then that the Kansas City Chiefs favourite - who defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the American football championship - practically swept the 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker off her sweet in a very public display of affection.

Since then, millions of fans around the world have been gushing over the loved-up duo - who only confirmed their relationship back in December - with many believing they've both found 'the One'.

Apparently, however - despite how young and in love the couple are appearing at the moment - there was a time when their romance wasn't totally smooth-sailing.

Taylor and Travis' relationship reportedly hasn't always been smooth sailing.
Ezra Shaw/Getty

In fact, according to Travis' brother and fellow NFL player, the first few months of their rumoured relationship were plagued by fears over their safety.

Speaking to former basketball star Shaquille 'Shaq' O'Neal on his The Big Podcast, 36-year-old Jason Kelce shed some light on Travis' relationship with Taylor, revealing he had to change one major aspect of his life when they began dating.

Discussing the spotlight that their affiliation with chart-topper Taylor brought onto them, he told listeners: "It's crazy what it opens up, opportunity-wise.

"It's crazy to feel how much joy you bring people and how much you affect people's daily lives.

Jason Kelce revealed his brother Travis was forced to move out of his home after he started dating Taylor.
YouTube/The Big Podcast with Shaq

"Travis knows that more than I do. He had to completely move out of his house.

"People were just standing by his house. I mean, safety reasons."

Jason went on: "The first day he moved into the new house - a gated community - somebody knocks on the back window of the house."

The sportsman claimed that he and his brother are 'still leaning' to adjust to a famous lifestyle.

"We've always been big in the football world, Travis especially," he continued.

"The Taylor world and the pop culture world, that's a whole different level.

"It's just an added level of - it's a new demographic that wasn't there before."

Featured Image Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images / TikTok/NFL

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