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Stacey Solomon criticised by fan over six-month-old daughter Belle’s outfits

Stacey Solomon criticised by fan over six-month-old daughter Belle’s outfits

Stacey Solomon took to Instagram to share a series of pics with the family.

After Loose Women host Stacey Solomon shared a series of cute family pics on Instagram, most of her followers rushed to share how adorable they thought the snaps were - except one person who found fault with six-month-old Belle's outfit.

The former X-Factor contestant appeared to spend a wholesome weekend at home with her family - husband, Joe Swash, 41, and her three kids, Rex, four, Rose, 21 months, and Belle.

The 33-year-old shared a series of sweet snaps on the gram - one which showed the family chilling at home in matching beige woollen outfits, and a second pic of them going for an afternoon walk in the woods.

"A wholesome weekend at home… That’s it," Stacey wrote in her caption.

"Doesn’t happen often. Just stayed home all weekend doing my favourite things in the world.

"Eating ALL the food, being with family, walks, games, cuddles, baths & just time with them.

"Do you ever have one of those weekends where you don’t want to go to bed on the last night because you know it’s back to reality tomorrow? That’s me right now. It really is the little things isn’t it.

"Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, lots of love from all of us."

Stacey appeared to spend a wholesome weekend at home with her family.

Almost everyone was loving the pics, as one fan commented: "Awwww you work so hard honey love u all and miss u all xxx."

Another social media user added: "I would love to know how you keep your kids so clean."

While a third wrote: "Beautiful family love watching you and your baby pickles. You're just the best mommy and daddy to the Pickles. Xxx."

However, one person seemed to have a problem with what her six-month-old baby was wearing outdoors.

Stacey Solomon was criticised by one person who had an issue with what six-month-old Belle was wearing during a family outing.

"I noticed Belle is inside with warm clothes on and outside in her double buggy with no socks on? Lovely photos though," they wrote.

The bizarre comment was met by a wave of Solomon fans who weren't having any of it.

One replied: "What an odd thing to notice... you must have something better to do surely.'

A second defender wrote: "I have heard babies can pull their socks off.

"I know I was shocked with this new information too."

"Oo you'd have a fit to know my 3 year old is bare foot outside the majority of the time," a third joked.

While someone else simply wrote: "Oh how terribly sad that you have nothing kind to say about a beautiful family photo."

It's safe to assume that the person involved is probably regretting that comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@staceysolomon

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