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Spencer Matthews fires back at comments on his appearance after fans say he ‘looks sick’

Spencer Matthews fires back at comments on his appearance after fans say he ‘looks sick’

He shared a lengthy response to Instagram

Spencer Matthews has fired back at comments on his appearance after fans claimed he 'looks sick'.

The Made in Chelsea alum has been regularly documenting his health journey on social media, ever since he started training for a World Record endurance run to raise money for charity.

The podcaster took to Instagram yesterday (26 March) to share a lengthy statement on the matter, responding to the women who keep 'expressing concern' for his appearance.

Spencer Matthews has responded to people commenting on his appearance claiming he 'looks sick'.

He began: "Every single day on this platform, women write to me expressing concern for my appearance...

"They say that I'm too thin and that I look sick..."

Spencer, who is married to Dancing with the Stars' Vogue Williams, revealed one woman even asked him why he was 'punishing' his body while many simply question: "Hope you're ok?"

"This is a quick note to say that your concern is misplaced and the delivery of that concern is unhealthy," he explained.

The reality TV star then assured his 819k followers he was 'fit, well, and above all, really happy'.

"In fact, I'm the healthiest I have ever been - enjoying a disciplined routine and am driven with clear goals, training for a World Record endurance run which will hopefully raise a substantial amount of money for people who need it," he carried on.

"Training for this challenge is NOT punishment, its PROGRESS..."

The Made in Chelsea star is training for a World Record endurance run to raise money for charity.

The dad-of-three continued: "Please don't mistake me pushing myself physically as being unhealthy...

"It's not. It's exciting and in my case, makes me feel alive and full of purpose."

He went on to reveal: "Not once did I ever receive a single message of 'concern' when I was a huge problem drinker - overweight and drastically unhealthy.

"I wouldn't have wanted it then and I certainly don't want it now.

"It's really simple - don't comment on anyone's appearance. If someone looks different there is probably a reason for that," Spencer concluded. "Mine is that I found a healthy lifestyle."

Back in December last year, Spencer took to Instagram to share a series of photos wearing a full head-to-toe outfit from Marks & Spencer.

However, it seemed his followers were far less concerned with the ensemble as they were with his physique with many leaving comments worried about his health.

One Instagram user declared: "You’re losing too much weight Spencer."

A second penned: "Oh gosh! Spenny! What's with the weight loss?"

"Handsome man! But don’t get any skinnier!" hit out a third.

A fourth chimed in: "Sorry to say but you have lost too much weight."

"The weight loss aged him 40 years," claimed another.

Explaining the reason behind his new look, Spencer said: "I'm training for a huge event next year.

"Looking to raise some serious money for a great cause."

He's been documenting his fitness journey on Instagram.

Other fans however, slammed the body comments with one person writing: "Why anybody feels it’s their place to comment on someone else’s body (whether they see it as a compliment or not) is completely beyond me."

"Why do people comment on appearances, it’s so judgemental," echoed a second.

A third added: "What’s with all the weight loss comments! Good on Spencer Matthews for doing whatever he wants he puts his mind too.

"He is generally comes across as knowledgeable in health and fitness and am pretty sure he would be being coached by some super expensive PT that’s highly skilled and probably be a reason behind why he is getting so fit! Usually up to a challenge of some sort."

Another fan echoed: "Spencer is raising money for a good cause by doing running challenge that no one ever did before, not going to lie the suspension is there and cannot wait to find out what is going to be!

"Good luck Spencer and the team in setting a world record!"

"So smart!" complimented a final Instagram user. "Hope the training is going well. No doubt you will smash it!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@spencermatthews

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