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Sister Wives husband Kody Brown opens up on marriage plans after three out of four wives divorced him

Sister Wives husband Kody Brown opens up on marriage plans after three out of four wives divorced him

He starred in the hit TLC show alongside his four wives and 18 children

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has opened up on his marriage plans going forward after three of his four wives left him.

The star of the US reality TV series has had a bit of a tough time of late as his four wives have now dwindled down to just one.

In November 2021, Kody, 54, announced he had split up from his third wife, Christine, 51, in November 2021 after more than 25 years together.

Following their split, he posted a statement to Instagram for concerned fans.

It read: "Christine's decision to leave comes with a great deal of sadness.

"We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her."

Kody ended the post by assuring fans that while the pair are now on 'different paths', they will always remain 'committed parents' together.

Kody has suffered a lot of heartbreak in the last couple of years.

However, two more breakups came over a little over a year later, as Kody split with wife Janelle, 54, and his first wife Meri, 52, in December 2022.

While the split from Janelle came as a bit of a shock to fans, the announcement of the divorce from Meri was a little less surprising as the pair were rumoured to have not been romantically involved for years.

Right now, Robyn, 44, is Kody's sole and legal wife - something the reality TV star would have never expected a few years ago.

While he was 'spiritually' married to three other women, Kody's plans for the future have somewhat changed following three divorces in the space of year.

He told People: " The idea of ever marrying again after the experience I’ve had, there’s no reason for me to do that.

"I feel like I've hit the bottom of a deep swimming pool, but I've pushed off and am headed to the surface."

Kody doesn't plan to marry anyone else.

Kody went on to say that he and his family have suffered a lot of 'heartbreak' following the divorces and that all three breakups had been messy.

But he is now determined to move forward to 'get to a place where I'm accepting with a heart full of grace and love'.

While the romance department may not be in the best shape right now, he does have 18 children to care for and love.

And despite going from four wives to one, Kody has stated that his outlook on life has remained the same.

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