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Robert Downey Jr.’s wife Susan reveals secret to happy marriage with ‘two-week rule’

Robert Downey Jr.’s wife Susan reveals secret to happy marriage with ‘two-week rule’

The Oscar winner has been married to wife Susan since 2005

The vast majority of A-list stars seemingly prefer to keep the ins and outs of their personal lives under wraps, and who can blame them?

With their colossal fan bases and the paparazzi constantly hounding them about their latest tease or most recent split, it's no surprise that celebrities like keeping their romantic endeavours away from the eye of the public.

That said, this week, one big-name power couple have lifted the lid on what keeps their romance alive after 19 years together.

We are, of course, talking about Oscar-winning superstar Robert Downey Jr, and his beloved wife, production company executive vice-president, Susan.

For those unfamiliar with their heart-melting love story, the film star couple met all the way back in 2003 on the set of horror movie Gothika, which Robert was starring in, and Susan producing.

The recently separated actor - who'd previously split from ex-wife Deborah Falconer, before their divorce was finalised in 2004 - had reportedly attempted to pursue new love interest Susan several times while the duo worked together.

Twice, she is said to have turned him down - later admitting to press that she repeatedly told herself at the time, 'He's an actor; I have a real job'.

After their movie wrapped up, however, their friendship soon developed into something much deeper, and two years later, in 2005, in a romantic Jewish ceremony in New York, the pair tied the knot.

The couple first met in 2003.
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

In 2012, the lucky-in-love pair welcomed their first child together, a son, who they named Exton Elias, and two years later, a daughter, named Avri Roel.

Since then, it looks as though Oppenheimer star Robert - who also welcomed a child (a son named Indio, now 30) through his first marriage - had finally found his happy ending, following years of high-profile break-ups, substance abuse and rehab stints.

While he often remains tight lipped on his marriage to Susan, Valentine's Day last year saw Robert release a public declaration of his love for her.

Sharing a sweet snap of his wife on Instagram, he penned in the caption: "To she who lovingly tolerates my many shenanigans, I pledge my undying love..".

And this week, following her husband's success at the 2024 Academy Awards last weekend, Susan has, too, opened up on how they're able to remain as in-love as a pair of teenagers, despite almost two decades together.

The couple appear more in love now than ever.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Apparently, the couple have a particular rule they abide by.

"We do have a two-week rule, which often feels too long, but we don't go more than two weeks without seeing each other and the family being together," she told People Magazine. "Fortunately, we prefer to be a traveling circus when we can be."

She added that the couple try not to think too far into the future while carrying out their rule, being that the entertainment industry - as well as parenting life - can be somewhat unpredictable.

"Someone might get sick, or there might be a shutdown, or this or that," she went on. "So you just have to have some basic things in place, and then you have to be willing to flow with the rest of it."

Thankfully for Susan, however, her schedule can often be slightly more lenient than her husband's, being that she's behind the camera.

The couple have been together for 19 years.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

"As a producer I end up with a little bit more flexibility in terms of location, of where I would need to be," she told the publication.

"I really admire and have a lot of empathy for couples who both have to be in front of the camera, because you get stuck and you have to make those choices."

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