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Inside Pamela Anderson's dreamy home that she was gifted from her grandmother

Inside Pamela Anderson's dreamy home that she was gifted from her grandmother

The actress and model is renovating the property she was gifted 25 years ago

Pamela Anderson is set to return to our screens tonight (3 November) in the second season of HGTV's Pamela's Garden of Eden, with all episodes available to stream on Hulu.

The series follows the Canadian-American actress and model as she renovates her grandmother's home in Vancouver Island, Canada.

Anderson moved to Los Angeles in her early 20s and rose to prominence after being selected as the February 1990 'Playmate of the Month' by Playboy Magazine.

She is internationally known for her starring role as C.J. Parker in Baywatch, and has also acted in projects including Home Improvement, Scary Movie 3 and Borat.

Now, at 56 years old, she has returned to British Columbia to restore and renovate the home her grandmother gifted to her 25 years ago.

'Pamela's Garden of Eden follows the 'Baywatch' star as she renovates her grandmother's old property.

The property covers six acres of land and features three main buildings: the boathouse, the roadhouse and the cabin.

The show sees Anderson interact with various designers, architects, contractors and her family as she attempts to create a new space, carving out more living spaces and adding buildings, while preserving the essence of the home.

“It’s very therapeutic,” she told Everything Zoomer. “It’s brought me right back to that time in my life where I just feel like a child, kind of unpolluted.

“I’m so blessed that I got to actually come home to be able to experience this and have this be a part of my life now because not everybody gets to do that,” she added. “It’s something great to do. So, if you have a place that you’re trying to hold on to, I would.”

She wants the property to be passed down through future generations of her family like her grandmother gifted it to her.

Anderson also offered her advice for those looking to renovate a building that holds a lot of memories and nostalgia.

“Be the person that sets the trend, not the person following a trend.”

As such, she's not worried about what's popular in interior design, while working on the Vancouver Island property.

“I want to know this is going to last forever. This is going to transcend me and be my kids’ property and their kids’ property,” she said. “I want to keep it as simple as possible.”

A trailer for the show shows the property's white slatted buildings, a beautiful rose garden and a pier looking out onto a large lake.

Interiors are coloured in soft whites and vibrant turquoise.

But, the work isn't over yet. Anderson shares her plans to build a cluster of cabins on the property, as well as an orchard and a flower shop.

About renovating the property, she says: "It’s just an amazing experience, but it’s not easy. You have to be brave, so go for it.”

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Hulu

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