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Ollie Locke shares meaning behind newborn twins’ unique names

Ollie Locke shares meaning behind newborn twins’ unique names

Made in Chelsea stars Ollie and Gareth Locke have welcomed twins into their family.

Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth have revealed the special meaning behind the names of their newborn twins.

The Made in Chelsea stars were delighted to announce the news of their newborns who were born via a surrogate into their family earlier this week.

But because the twins were born prematurely back in July, the parents decided to hold off on the public announcement until their babies were well enough to go home with them.

According to OK!, the little boy weighed 3lb 10oz, whilst his sister Cosima Emily Bex was just 2lb 11oz.

Sharing the good news on social media, Ollie appeared in a short video with his husband.

“Guys, the news we’ve been wanting to tell you for so many years, we are finally dads,” he gushed, with his other half adding: “The twins are here.”

The caption read: “We are so excited to announce that our beautiful twins are finally here and they are more precious than we could have ever imagined.”

In a follow-up story on Instagram, Ollie shared a sweet photo of the infants asleep next to their surrogate Rebbeca Ward.

He then announced the twins’ names, writing: “Words can’t describe how much we love you @bex7ward for bringing us Apollo and Cosima! We can’t begin to thank you for being your wonderful self!”

Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth are now dads!
YouTube/Our Daddy Diaries

The babies full names are Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex.

The couple appeared on Lorraine today (25 August) where they explained the somewhat unorthodox names for their kids.

Gareth said: "The middle name for him, Magnus, is my mum's, Margaret. My dad used to nickname my mum Maggie.

"So for a boy, we thought we were only having a boy, so I'd settled on having him Apollo Magnus so I could give him the nickname Maggie."

As for their daughter, they chose Cosima's middle names as tributes to two women who were very important to them.

Ollie added: "She's Cosima Emily Bex after my great friend Emily Hartridge, who died on a scooter a couple of years ago.

"Her sisters and boyfriend came in and sat on this sofa and that's just to keep her remembered a bit, and then Bex obviously."

The twins are called Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex.

While many have been quick to congratulate the couple, there have been some less kind responses online.

One said the children were 'lovely babies' but told Ollie and Gareth it was a 'shame about the names'.

Besides the odd troll, the majority appreciated the naming, telling Ollie and Gareth they 'love the names' and that it was 'so cute' that they gave their daughter her surrogate's name.

Someone else jokingly welcomed the pair 'to the no sleep club', while another said 'being a twin parent is the best'.

Congratulations, Ollie and Gareth!

Featured Image Credit: ITV / YouTube

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