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Ollie Locke and husband Gareth dad-shamed over newborn twins’ names

Ollie Locke and husband Gareth dad-shamed over newborn twins’ names

The happy couple have welcomed twins but some people are not being their best selves

Made in Chelsea stars Ollie and Gareth Locke have been ecstatic to welcome twins born via a surrogate into their family.

The couple only announced the arrival of the twins weeks after they were born.

They'd done this because the pair had been born prematurely and their parents wanted to wait until the babies were 'safe' and able to go home with them.

Their children are called Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex.

While the children's names might not sound like the usual ones you'd hear parents calling out there are some very good reasons behind them.

Speaking to Hello! magazine Gareth said he always wanted a son and to call him Apollo, while his own dad's nickname for his mum is 'Maggie' and 'Magnus is the male version' of that.

The couple have announced the birth of twins Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex.

As for their daughter, they chose Cosima's middle names as tributes to two women who were very important to them.

Emily is a tribute to YouTuber and TV presenter Emily Hartridge, who died in 2019, while Bex is the name of the children's surrogate, Bex Ward, who gave birth to the twins in July.

While many have been sending the couple messages of congratulations and praising the thought behind the names, there have been some less kind individuals who have criticised the couple.

One said the children were 'lovely babies' but told Ollie and Gareth it was a 'shame about the names, while another described their names as 'child abuse'.

Others expressed some measure of disbelief that they were going to call their children Apollo and Cosima, but it's really not their decision at the end of the day.

Some have been unkind about the baby's names but many more have recognised the meaning behind them.
YouTube/Our Daddy Diaries

Fortunately, there were plenty who did appreciate the naming, telling Ollie and Gareth they 'love the names' and that it was 'so cute' that they gave their daughter her surrogate's name.

Someone else who had clearly been through this parenting thing before told the pair 'welcome to the no sleep club', while another said 'being a twin parent is the best'.

A fourth said it was 'wonderful' to have twins, and speaking as a twin we are wonderful to have around, even if we are somewhat hard work because there's two of us kicking up a fuss.

The initial announcement had drawn plenty of praise from their fellow Made in Chelsea stars with Miles Nazaire saying he was 'so happy for you both' and Lottie Tomlinson welcoming the 'amazing' news.

Ollie and Gareth took a long road to parenthood, having lost five embryos in 2021 and last year they explained that their surrogate had miscarried.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Our Daddy Diaries / Instagram/ollielockeworld

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