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Molly-Mae Hague confesses major clash with Tommy Fury amid split rumours

Molly-Mae Hague confesses major clash with Tommy Fury amid split rumours

She opened up about the situation on her YouTube channel

There's yet another instalment in all the Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury split drama.

Now, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll know that the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, with many fans speculating whether the former Love Island stars are on the rocks with their relationship.

Since then, Molly-Mae has opened up about a major clash she's facing with Tommy.

The 24-year-old mum-of-one took to her YouTube channel earlier this week (11 December) to share with her 1.8 million subscribers the latest in her life.

In case you're not in the know, there's been a whole bunch of speculation recently ever since Molly-Mae first started being spotted out and about without her engagement ring.

It seems that plus the fact Tommy was seen partying alongside musician Chris Brown and other friends in Dubai was a recipe for disaster leading fans all over to worry about the status of their relationship.

Giving an update on what's been going on in her life, Molly-Mae began by telling her YouTube subscribers about her plans for the future when it comes to expanding her family-of-three.

Molly-Mae Hague took to her YouTube channel.

When asked if she wanted more children, the reality TV star explained: "Honestly like the thought of having another baby, anytime soon... no."

She continued: "But if I can be completely, completely real on here with you guys, because I like it to keep it real, have I considered having one and just being done, like you know just having Bambi, like yes, 100 percent."

Opening up about her experiences as a first-time mother, she went on: "I just think the newborn stage got me so much like it really did. I struggled a lot with the newborn stage like seriously, I didn't cope well with that."

Molly revealed Tommy wants four children and she doesn't.

She also admitted that her fiancé on the other hand, who she met back in 2019 on Love Island, wants a big family with more children to follow.

"I mean Tommy wants four children, and like he genuinely means that, like he wants to have four kids, I just don't, it's something that we are like this [she put her fists together in a gesture to show they're clashing] about at the minute," she added.

"I think at a push I could manage two, I think I could do it, once more I think I could maybe with the right support and doing things differently, this next time I could do it again."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae

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