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Millie Bobby Brown leaves fans divided after revealing her controversial restaurant habits

Millie Bobby Brown leaves fans divided after revealing her controversial restaurant habits

The Stranger Things star has received both praise and criticism for her comments

Millie Bobby Brown has this week sparked a debate over restaurant etiquette, after admitting to one rather controversial habit she has.

The much-loved Stranger Things star - who gave Netflix viewers 'the chills' this week after her stellar performance in brand new drama Damsel - recently appeared as a guest star on Jessie and Lennie Ware's hit Table Manners podcast.

Catching up with the hosts about all things food, family, film and fame, the 20-year-old actress became somewhat riled up when discussing one particular topic, admitting she has very little patience when it comes to waiting for her meal at a restaurant.

Some fans have agreed with Millie's statement.

First of all, she made the relatable admission that one of her biggest bug bearers is ordering her food and drink separately.

"You know what I hate, waiting a really long time to order," she confessed.

"I've already looked at the menu in the car on the way here and when they’re like, 'We’ll just get your drinks orders and then come back'.

"I’m like, 'No, no, no, stand here, let’s just take the whole thing. It will make your life easier'," she added.

On top of that, the British star - who last year announced her engagement to fellow actor and model Jake Bongiovi - went on to add that nothing drives her crazier than when servers don't take payment at the same time as handing over the bill.

"Waiting for the bill, you know when they put it down on the table but then come back half an hour later?" she explained. "I’m like, "Let me give you my card just right now and I must go on a walk to walk this food off"."

The star opened up some of her biggest dining bug bears.

Naturally, Millie's confessions have caused quite a stir amongst podcast listeners, with some branding the youngster 'rude' for her outlook.

"Everyone you complain about is underpaid, and you’re not, nor have you ever struggled," one hit out in the comment section.

Another went on to tease: "Tell me you’ve never worked in hospitality, without actually telling me you never worked in hospitality."

"Waiters stall with drinks so the kitchen doesn’t get swamped and they don’t get yelled at by chefs," another told her.

Apparently, however, no one is more aware of the controversiality of Millie's statements than herself, who even went as far as to dub herself a 'Karen' after admitting she believes it's 'important' to leave restaurant reviews.

And others went on to agree with a number of her statements, with one penning: "No she’s right that’s why there’s no service anymore and everyone thinks there doing you a favour if you ask for something in a restaurant /shop"

Another wrote: "Can we stop acting like standing up for yourself is being a Karen? Honestly, it's totally fine to give feedback. It's not like she was throwing a tantrum and name dropping.

"She simply said this is not okay, you might want to review your behavior and do better next time"

A third went on to gush: "Honestly she’s iconic tbh"

Tyls contacted Millie's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tablemannerspodcast

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