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McFly star Danny Jones’s son rushed to hospital on family holiday

McFly star Danny Jones’s son rushed to hospital on family holiday

Doting dad Danny Jones had to make an emergency dash to the hospital, after the McFly singer's son suddenly got sick in Tenerife.

Danny Jones’ dream holiday took a terrifying turn this week, as the musician had to rush his young son to hospital.

The McFly singer had been enjoying a family break in Tenerife when his five-year-old, Cooper, suddenly became sick before flying home.

In fact, his wife Georgia Horsley was so concerned that she shared an update with fans.

The McFly singer had been holiday in Tenerife.
Instagram/Danny Jones

Prior to this, the family-of-three had been exploring the idyllic isle with Jones even posting photos of their time together.

However, Georgia later revealed they’d had a medical emergency and shared a snap of their five-year-old recovering.

The little boy was shown sleeping next to a bucket, with his mum telling her Instagram followers how ‘brave’ he’d been during the sudden illness.

"He pretty quickly went from this," she wrote, in the caption.

"To this but my goodness he was so so brave," she added, with the next story showing Cooper in a hospital bed with a drip as he played on his iPad.

The mum-of-one went on to explain how he’d become ill just as they were about to leave for home.

"I think had this have been England it wouldn't have been quite as dramatic,” she told her fans, adding: "But I guess they have to be so careful of dehydration in little ones in hot countries.”

Even more worrying, she explained that he’d been struggling to ‘keep water down’, becoming ‘dehydrated’ and ‘lethargic’ as the day went on.

Whilst the little lad has gone on to make a full recovery, it’s not the first time the McFly singer has had to make a hospital dash because of his flesh and blood.

Danny Jones' son suddenly became sick on the last day.

In a previous interview with Hello, Jones and his wife revealed that their young son had made a rather, um, dramatic entry into the world.

According to Georgia, the little one decided that he wanted to enter the world whilst she was having a relaxing bath.

Not keen on a water birth, the musician and his wife had to race to the hospital and barely made it in time.

"When we got to the birthing suite, I skidded in like Del Boy and Rodney, grabbed the first wheelchair I could find but it had a dodgy wheel so I ended up going round and round in circles,” Georgia confessed, joking that she was trying to hold her son in.

It’s not surprising given that their little one was born just 36 minutes after they left home.

We’re just glad the McFly singer’s son is on the mend.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/dannyjonesofficial

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