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Maya Jama reveals boyfriend Stormzy’s very flirty texts after showing off outfit

Maya Jama reveals boyfriend Stormzy’s very flirty texts after showing off outfit

She shared a screenshot of the exchange to Instagram

Ever since the news broke that Maya Jama and Stormzy had rekindled their romance, fans have been absolutely loving all the updates the happy couple frequently share to social media.

The latest update sees the Love Island presenter reveal to her three million Instagram followers the adorably flirty text messages the 'Vossi Bop' rapper sent her after showing off one of her jaw-dropping outfits.

The 29-year-old uploaded a screenshot of her and Stormzy's WhatsApp exchanges to her story and I'm sure fans of the pair were buzzing to receive yet another insight into their loved-up life together.

The duo previously dated for four years before eventually splitting up in 2019 and fans had been gunning for them to reunite ever since.

Following the breakup, the Croydon-hailing grime artist told Louis Theroux that he’d made mistakes during their relationship.

He explained: "My break-up, that was probably the biggest catalyst for growth as a man.

"It was like, OK, you made a mistake and you lose someone you loved, someone you cared for, someone who is special to you."

Fans are overjoyed that Maya Jama and Stormzy are back together.
Mike Marsland / Contributor / Getty Images

He also once said he has 'never loved anyone how I've loved her' so it's no surprise that fans were beyond chuffed at the idea of them finally getting back together after all those years.

So, ever since the pair seemingly confirmed their relationship after being pictured holding hands on holiday together last summer - the whole of the internet has been sent into quite the frenzy.

Flash-forward a handful of months are the power couple are still clearly going strong with Stormzy left totally smitten by his gorgeous girlfriend.

After sending him a snap of her outfit, Stormzy replied 'Flip me lol' before adding: "That might be my fave, lemme see full length."

Maya then obliged to which the 30-year-old hit-maker replied: "Yeah brazy, sexy and classy simultaneously, world class."

She captioned the sweet exchange: "Show outfit approved."

If these messages are anything to go by, the couple are more loved up than ever!

Just last night (30 January), Maya announced a huge twist on Love Island: All Stars after revealing Mitch and Liberty were the latest couple to leave the villa.

After lining the islanders up and breaking the news to Mitch and Liberty that they were the least voted couple, Maya said: "Liberty and Mitch as you are the least favourite couple, your time on All Stars is now over. Please leave immediately."

She then revealed to the other contestants: "Two more islanders will leave and that decision is down to you."

However, Maya did not reveal which couple were next to exit, leaving fans scrambling to share their theories on who they reckoned was up on the chopping block next.

Maya Jama has been thriving as host of Love Island.

It seems fans believe the likes of Hannah Elizabeth and Tyler Cruickshank may be axed next.

One X (formerly Twitter) user penned: "Wonder who else will leave, Hannah and Tyler or Chris and Kaz I think..."

"Three guesses who the second couple to leave Love Island will be got to be Hannah and Tyler," wrote a second.

A third chimed in: "Wouldn't be surprised if Kaz goes and maybe Hannah or Tyler?"

"I think it might be Hannah and Tyler going home," quipped a fourth, while a fifth echoed: "So we’re all in agreement it’s probably Hannah and Tyler yeaaaah? 0 chemistry."

Tyla has reached out to ITV for comment.

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