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16-year-old Luke Littler's girlfriend Eloise, 21, shares sweet message after he reaches darts semi-finals

16-year-old Luke Littler's girlfriend Eloise, 21, shares sweet message after he reaches darts semi-finals

She took to Instagram to share her praise

Whether you're a fan of darts of not, you will have most likely heard of Luke Littler by now.

The 16-year-old has been taking the world of darts by storm and continues to make history after winning the quarter final of the World Darts Championships.

He's now made it through to the semi-finals after a 5-1 victory over Brendan Dolan and his girlfriend, Eloise, has since shared a message supporting his victories.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, Eloise is five years Luke's senior and is a beauty consultant as well as being a keen darts player herself.

16-year-old Luke Littler has been storming the darts world.
Andrew Redington / Staff / Getty Images

Eloise, clearly overjoyed for her boyfriend, has been posting on social media to show her support for Luke throughout the World Darts Championship.

After his victory in the quarter-finals, she posted a snap of them together to her Instagram story with the overlay text reading: "The dream carries on!"

She added: "Incredibly proud of you!"

The 16-year-old darts champion's girlfriend is five years his senior.

Born in Runcorn, the professional player was seemingly destined to become such a large figure in the sport from early childhood, as footage found on YouTube shows the nappy-wearing toddler throwing darts and loving every second of it.

In the viral clip, you can see Luke having fun with a mini magnetic board with Snap’s 'I’ve Got the Power' playing in the background.

Previously explaining his love of the sport, Luke, who was born in 2007, told Sky News: "There’s a video on YouTube on me when I was 18 months in a nappy listening to Raymond van Barneveld’s music, Phil Taylor’s music, doing their celebrations.

"That’s where it started, at 18 months old in the nappy on a magnetic board.

"Then at four or five on a proper board, but it was a bit low. Seven to eight, that’s when I started playing the proper height and length."

Luke Littler's girlfriend, Eloise, has been posting messages to support him.

Luke also reflected upon the festivities and time away from work: "It’s been a crazy few days.

"Christmas is going to be very different. We’ll do the same thing a family always does and then when I finish my dinner I will get on the board for a good few hours.

"I would normally wait for the dinner to be cooked, go on the Xbox, call my mates, speak to them, but I’ll be on the board."

Since then, some 15 years later, Luke has gone on to become a sensation in the Paddy Power World Championship - with incredible wins over the likes of Dutch professional Christian Kist and the UK Open champion Andrew Gilding.

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