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Olivia Attwood plans to film and share birth if she has children one day

Olivia Attwood plans to film and share birth if she has children one day

The Love Island star is willing to get more personal than ever for her fans

Olivia Attwood might be used to sharing aspects of her life on TV thanks to her appearances on Love Island and TOWIE, but she's prepared to get a whole lot more personal if she ever has children.

The reality TV star, 32, tied the knot with her husband Bradley Dack in June, when the pair celebrated their love with a lavish ceremony held in London.

As is often the case when women get married, Attwood has since faced questions about whether she and Dack plan to start a family - and though she acknowledged 'a lot of women don't like being asked about children', she herself doesn't 'mind' being asked.

In an interview with the Mail Online amid the release of her reality TV show Olivia Marries Her Match, Attwood explained: "For me personally I don't mind being asked because when you share so much of your life, and I let people ask me everything so it would be weird for me to then say, 'you can't ask me that'.

"I am in my 30s and it does get jarring to be asked that question again and again as a woman, but I understand why people do."

Olivia Attwood married Bradley Dack in London.

But while fans, reporters and maybe even family members might be keen for Attwood and Dack to grow their family, Attwood stressed that she currently has other things to focus on.

"For me, I am so obsessed with my career right now and so obsessed with Brad that I don't wake up thinking about kids, but I know that might change and I will want them someday," she said.

When that day comes, Attwood has assured fans will be aware of it. In fact, they'll literally be able to watch it play out in front of them, as Attwood is open to filming the birth for the entertainment of the general public.

Olivia has said she's open to kids in the future.

"The idea of filming my birth is scary but yes in some capacity it would be natural to share that, and I'd want to," she explained. "I think that would be fun and the viewers would have grown up with me and to see me making life would be really cool."

I'm sure a lot of mums with the knowledge of what it's life to give birth might have doubts about Attwood's plan to share it with the world, but each to their own, I suppose!

For now, it seems like that day is firmly positioned somewhere in the future - we'll just have to wait and see whether it ever ends up on TV.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@oliviajade_attwood

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