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Love Island star reveals she's dating TOWIE's Demi Sims after three year friendship

Love Island star reveals she's dating TOWIE's Demi Sims after three year friendship

The pair revealed all on a podcast

There’s a new potential relationship on the scene for us reality TV lovers.

The Only Way Is Essex’s Demi Sims came out as bisexual back in 2019 and had high profile relationships with Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson and Too Hot To Handle’s Francesa Farago.

In turn, 27-year-old Sims, who is now starring on House of Sims, made history for LGBTQIA+ representation on television, especially showing relationships between two women.

Giving an interview to Diva Magazine just last month, Sims said she’d been single for three years.

Today (4 April), it was revealed that Demi Sims is dating another reality star - another Love Island alum.

24-year-old Eve Gale, who appeared on Love Island All Stars with her twin sister Jess, and failed in her quest to find love, has shared that she has been enjoying some dates with Sims.

And where else for the pair to confirm this news than on Sims’ own podcast, Sims Squared?

Demi Sims admitted she was nervous ahead of the date.

After noting that they had been friends for three years, Sims divulged: “Me and Eve went on a date last week for anyone watching and it was our first date, wasn't it?”

To which Gale replied: “We kind of had other dates, but it's not been a date date. That was like our first date. I had the best time.”

Sims also opened up on her first-date jitters, admitting: “I was nervous it was going to get awkward, you know because usually we've always got people around?

Eve and Demi have been friends for three years.

“I was thinking, ‘'Is there going to be any awkward silences?’', then when I picked you up, you were chewing my ear off.

"I actually didn't get a word in.

“And then we got there, had a drink, had so much food... and yeah, it was quite a short date to be fair.

“It was quite a private date, though, because we were in Amazonico and we were in this booth and everyone was behind us.

"People assume we're besties, don't they?”

Gale also shared that she only has eyes for the Sims sister.

The pair spoke about their first official date.

She said: “I said this to Demi, I never would actually go on a date with another girl.”

And it seems Gale loves a good podcast natter, as she revealed on The Sun’s All Stars podcast that she’s also been on a date with Jason Derulo recently.

She said: “I was in Miami when I met him and then he was in London filming. He's doing some kind of show so when he's in London I see him.

“He hired out a restaurant in Mayfair. We'll just leave it as we went on a date!”

It seems that Gale is on the top of a lot of people’s would-date list right now.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/evegale/demsims

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