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Kourtney Kardashian slams 'narcissist' sister Kim after she dragged her children into their feud

Kourtney Kardashian slams 'narcissist' sister Kim after she dragged her children into their feud

The sisters had an explosive phone conversation during The Kardashians season four premier.

Kourtney Kardashian has branded Kim Kardashian a ‘narcissist’ as their previous feud over Dolce and Gabbana spilt over to season four of The Kardashians.

In the third season of Hulu’s The Kardashians, viewers saw Kourtney, 44, becoming increasingly upset with her younger sister Kim, 42.

The fall-out was seemingly due to the latter aligning herself with the Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana, last year.

After accepting an offer to serve as the creative director for D&G’s Milan show, the mum-of-four helped to curate The Ciao Kim show last September.

However, in season three, Kourtney aired that she was upset with her sister for taking the role as D&G had previously ‘hosted’ her and Travis Barker’s third wedding ceremony in Portofino, Italy.

In the first episode of season four, Kim began by discussing the current state of the relationship between herself and her sister.

She said: “The problem is… and I'll be real with you guys, this is the real problem. Last season was really rough.

“Then we were over it. We had fun. You saw we did that Christmas album. We talked it out. Everything had been fine.”

After viewing some flashbacks of the D&G fight being put to bed, Kim continued: “And then… we watched the edits for our show. And I start hearing what she's saying about me. And she hears what I'm saying about her.”

“And then we get mad all over again. It brings up so many… so many feelings,” she added.

Kim and Kourtney had a heated phone call in the season premier.

Also in a confessional, Kourtney replied: “I think last season was really hard. What's harder than living it in real-time is watching it back in the edit, which isn't a natural way of living.

“So my whole family is going on a trip to Cabo, but three days earlier, before the trip, Kim and I have this heated phone call.’

The producers then showed a call between Kim and Kourtney, which saw the latter accusing her younger sister of being a ‘narcissist’ and of being uninterested in D&G until her wedding.

“I think it was what you saw at the wedding, ‘cause no one had any interest before that. I think it's that you saw this thing that was mine and that wasn't yours and that you wanted it, you took it and made it bigger.”

Despite Kim telling the businesswoman that she was ‘wrong’, the former went on to admit that she has a group chat labelled ‘Not Kourtney’, which consists of the latter’s friends.

“They're your friends! The ones you speak to on a daily basis, but you take it all out on me, and I'm trying the best that I can to reconcile and figure it out and call you all the time,” said Kim.

In reply, Kourtney said: “It's about you. You are a narcissist. It's all about you. Anything you do it's about you and how it looks to the world about you.”

Later on in the call, Kim dragged her sister’s children into the conversation: “Well your kids have even come to me with problems that they have and how you are so...”

Kourtney replied: “Is that helpful? You're like adding it into a fight to like have a side, like it's you and my friends and my kids and everyone against me. It's like you're just a f****** witch and I f****** hate you.”

Following the flashback, Kourtney called the phone conversation ‘really hurtful’ and said that she believed Kim was just ‘using any weapon that she could find to hurt me’.

The Kardashians season four premiere is available to watch on Hulu/Disney+ now. New episodes arrive on the platforms every Thursday.

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