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Katy Perry launches another attack on Katie Perry amid 14-year legal battle

Katy Perry launches another attack on Katie Perry amid 14-year legal battle

A judge wrapped up the lawsuit earlier this year, but Katy has since launched an appeal

Katy Perry has filed an appeal against Katie Perry after a lawsuit over the use of the name was wrapped up earlier this year- dragging out their 14-year-old legal battle.

It all kicked off back in 2009 when fashion designer Katie - who now goes by the name Katie Taylor - was issued a cease-and-desist by the singer.

In a blog post, Katie explained: “They stated that I should immediately stop trading under this name.

“Withdraw all my clothes and sign a document drafted by them to say from now on I will never trade under this name ever again.”

The Sydney-based designer - who started selling clothing under the name in 2007, and has had it registered as a trademark since 2008 - refused to comply with the letter’s request.

Katie later filed a suit against Katy for trademark infringement due to the merchandise she sold in Australia in 2014 and 2018, ignoring the trademark she already held.

In April this year, the Australian Federal Court sided with Katie and ruled that the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer’s company, Kitty Purry, partially infringed her trademark.

Katy Perry has been involved in a legal battle with Katie Perry.

Justice Brigitte Markovic ruled that clothing sold for Katy Perry's 2014 tour did breach the trademark, but she rejected further allegations relating to the sale of merchandise in stores and online in 2018.

The judge also dismissed a counter bid by Katy to throw out the Katie Perry trademark altogether.

Speaking to the Independent, Katie said: “In early 2023 the Federal Court of Australia published its decision in which I won the biggest battle of my business career, the ‘David and Goliath case’ - my legal action against the singer, Katy Perry, and her companies, for infringing my Katie Perry trade mark in Australia – which I’ve held since 29th September 2008.”

So you’d think that would be it, right?

Except Katy has since launched an appeal against the decision.

Fashion-designer Katie Perry has owned the trademark since 2008.

“This is a case that I thought had an end in sight and yet the singer has chosen to continue to drag it out,” Katie said.

Now, Katie is facing the prospect of heading back to court later this year.

She added: “My label is my future, my dream, my livelihood. And now there is a chance my trademark could be taken away.

“What has been incredible is the support. From farmers in Western Australia to people coming up to me on the street. This case seemed to have touched the hearts of so many people. Every week I have people come up to me and say, ‘We are supporting you, keep fighting.’”

LADbible Group has contacted Katy Perry's reps for comment.

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