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Katie Price hits back after strangers shout insults at her in supermarket

Katie Price hits back after strangers shout insults at her in supermarket

The mum-of-five was left 'fuming' over the run in

Katie Price hit back after two strangers in hurled abuse at her in a supermarket.

Pricey opened up about the experience on her new podcast The Katie Price Show where she regularly shares details about her life alongside her co-host and sister Sophie.

The 45-year-old was asked if she had suffered any negative experiences while out and about in public, and sadly Price was able to confirm that she had.

"I was in my local supermarket, Tesco, and I was with Bunny and Princess. Minding my own business,” she recalled.

"I walked past these two girls with their young kid and one shouted out 'you're a s***!'"

Her horrified sister asked: “Really?”

To which Price continued: "Yeah you're a s***!"

Still taken aback, Sophie then asked: "Even nowadays people are still doing that?”

However, as fans of Price will know, she’s not the type of woman to stand for that sort of behaviour and she was quick to call the two women out.

Katie Price shared the experience on her podcast.

She went on: "And I turned around and I said, ‘Excuse me? What did you say? You don't even f***ing know me. Come here and say it to me face then'.

“I was fuming! I said, 'How dare you say that when I have got kids here. You don't know nothing about me. You've got no right to call me s***. You don't even know me'." Well said.

Price recently hit out at Loose Woman after claiming her son Junior was ‘obviously told not to talk about [her]’ during an appearance on the show.

The 18-year-old was on the daytime panel show to promote his new single, but it seems that his mum was less than impressed after she failed to get a mention.

The mum-of-five recently hit out at Loose Women.

Taking to TikTok, she said: "Isn't it weird I was in Big Brother with Nadia [Sawalha] I presented with all the other ones on Loose Women.

"Not one mention about his mum, not one mention about 'is your mum proud of you?' It was all Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete.

"He was obviously told not to talk about me. It is so cruel. But that's what this industry is like!

"I had to just confess to everyone how on Loose Women they didn't even mention me considering I worked with them. "I said I am in his life I do see him and I do speak to him and we all do. But our whole family our left out of everything because they hate me.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @katieprice

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