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Hailey and Justin Bieber announce they are expecting their first child

Hailey and Justin Bieber announce they are expecting their first child

There's a baby Bieber on the way!

Huge congratulations are in order for Justin and Hailey Bieber who have announced they are expecting their first child.

The couple announced the news on Instagram on Thursday (9 May) with an adorable post.

In the post, Justin and Hailey shared a video along with a series of photographs.

Hailey can be seen wearing a white, lace dress, while Justin is cradling her baby bump.

You can watch below:

Fellow celeb pals were quick to comment on the post, with Kendall Jenner commenting: "ahhhh here come the tears again."

While Kim Kardashian said: "I love you guys sooooo much!!!!"

Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27, got married in September 2018 after years of on-and-off dating, having tied the knot at a courthouse in lower Manhattan.

The pair went on to host a second, much more lavish wedding around a year later, having booked out the Montage Palmetto Bluff hotel in South Carolina.

The couple have remained relatively private about their relationship, leading to constant speculation at both ends of the spectrum - with rumours often circling that they've either broken up... or expecting their first baby.

The latter is something Justin has previously addressed, explaining that they'd love to start a family but were simply waiting for the right time.

Justin and Hailey have been married since 2018.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2020, Justin said: "I'm going to have as many as Hailey is wishing to push out.

“I'd love to have myself a little tribe, but it's her body and whatever she wants to do."

When asked when that time might be, Justin added: "There's not really an issue, but I think Hailey still has some things she wants to accomplish as a woman.

"And I think she just is not ready yet, and I think that's OK."

Hailey has also previously spoken out in early interviews about wanting to raise her family out of the spotlight – something her own parents did.

However, she’s accepted that the attention is ‘probably totally unavoidable’.

Hailey has previously spoken about raising their family out of the spotlight.

“That was before I was married,” she told GQ. “Didn’t know who I was going to be married to at the time, I’m sure.

“Maybe I liked the idea at 18 of not raising kids around certain things, but my life is so different now than it was when I was 18.

“It’s so hard to say what I’m going to do or not do when there isn’t even a child here yet. I don’t even know what it feels like to be a parent other than a dog parent yet. And that’s not the same thing, by any means.”

Hailey said that motherhood was something she ‘looks forward to’, saying it’s also ‘such a private, intimate thing’.

“It’s something that’s going to come when it comes,” she added.

“And it’s just, honestly, at the end of the day, so hilarious how much people f*cking care.

"Let me do what I want to do with my body and you guys can do what you want to do with your bodies – and let’s just let it be that.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@haileybieber

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