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Helen Flanagan cruelly trolled by fans who said she was dressed 'very inappropriate for a mum'

Helen Flanagan cruelly trolled by fans who said she was dressed 'very inappropriate for a mum'

The former Coronation Street star has received criticism for her choice of outfit while on a night out with her friends

Actress Helen Flanagan has unfortunately been subjected to mum-shaming once again.

The former Coronation Street star is the mum to three kids whom she shares with ex fiancé, Scott Sinclair.

The pair share Matilda, seven, Delilah, four, and two-year-old son Charlie, and ended their romance last year after 13 years together.

With Helen, 33, being a mum in the public eye, she's often subjected to mum-shaming comments online.

Most recently, the I'm A Celebrity star was criticised for sharing a snap of her having a fun evening in with her young brood while enjoying a glass of wine.

Now, Helen has been shamed for the outfit she chose for a night out on the town with her friends.

In a video shared on Instagram, the 33-year-old documented her process of getting ready and chose a pink corset top and jeans paired with some white heeled sandals to wear.

"Love a corset," she captioned the Instagram reel. "Drinks with the girls."

But some people had something to say about the actress' choice of ensemble.

Some of Helen's followers had something to say about her oufit.

"Very inappropriate for mom," said one of her followers, as another added: "You are beautiful Helen but the pouts and other mouth poses through the video look silly, I hate when anyone does this."

"Do you crave attention?" questioned another.

However, some of Helen's loyal fans have come to her defence.

"Some of the comments on here are vile! Don’t like what you’re looking at, unfollow her!" fumed one person.

"Just because she’s a celebrity, doesn’t give you the right to pass on your nasty opinions. Nothing nice to say, don’t say anything! She is happy and loves her body."

"Gorgeous lady. Loving that lip colour too!" gushed another.

A third went on: "Jealous vile people @hjgflanagan. Ignore [them] you look gorgeous."

Helen Flanagan and her three children.

A fourth person echoed similar sentiments, saying: "All these negative comments are clearly jealousy! Is there any need to be nasty? Just scroll on by if you don’t like something you see or better yet hit the unfollow button!"

Helen's post comes shortly after her stressful experience of being 'stranded' on holiday at the beginning of this month.

The mum-of-three had been on a family trip to Greece when she faced delays after UK flights were forced to come to a halt due to air traffic control issues, which led to widespread disruption.

It all began on Sunday, 28 August, and as passengers waited for answers, airports and airlines were forced to cancel flights.

Luckily Helen and three kids managed to safely make it home on Friday, 1 September.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hjgflanagan

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