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Helen Flanagan shares 'awful' experience after being stranded on holiday

Helen Flanagan shares 'awful' experience after being stranded on holiday

The former Corrie actor was left stranded due to the air traffic control chaos as she tried to return home from Greece

Helen Flanagan has shared the ‘awful’ experience she had after struggling to get back home with her children from their holiday.

The former Coronation Street actor, 33, was left stranded due to the air traffic control chaos as she tried to return home from Greece.

She recently took to Instagram to share details of the ordeal as she opened up about the frustrating situation.

Helen Flanagan and her three children.

The mum-of-three had been on a family trip to Greece when she faced delays after UK flights were forced to come to a halt due to air traffic control issues, which led to widespread disruptiom.

It all began on Sunday (28 August) and as passengers waited for answers, airports and airlines were forced to cancel flights.

Helen, along with her youngest child, son Charlie, two, and her two daughters Delilah, four and Matilda, seven, were all on the trip.

She shares her three children with her ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair.

After finally arriving home, Helen shared her relief in a post uploaded to her Instagram Story on Friday (1 September).

"Need to do an Instagram catch up because I have not stopped since we got back from Greece,” she wrote. “The flight home was pretty awful. But just glad I got home. Didn't help that I wore a swimming costume on the flight and just a shirt dress - I was freezing.

The former Corrie star shared updates about the family's trip home.

"I just didn't think I'd get home and just thought I'd attempt."

The mum also shared a series of unseen snaps from the airport as she struggled to keep her children happy while making the journey back to Manchester.

While stuck at the airport, Helen could be seen in her social media post blowing bubbles for her kids.

Shortly after, Helen and her pal Beth, who was also on the trip, shared a post announcing that their flight had been cancelled.

Helen posted an update on Tuesday (29 August) when she was walking through the airport while pushing a buggy amid the travel chaos.

"I've not even showered since being in the pool at the beach,” she confessed.

Helen is now back home and looking forward to Autumn.

"I've got Charlie and Delilah in here [the pram]. I just hope I can get home today."

She then asked the children: "Do you think we'll go home?" as they giggled. Helen then captioned the clip: "Will we get home?"

Thankfully, the family are now back home and Helen has already started sharing Autumn-themed snaps.

Pumpkin spiced lattes all around!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/hjgflanagan

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