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Gemma Collins opens up on 'difficulties' trying to get pregnant after previously being told to terminate 'intersex' baby

Gemma Collins opens up on 'difficulties' trying to get pregnant after previously being told to terminate 'intersex' baby

Opening up about her pregnancy struggles, Gemma Collins said 'everything's difficult for me, nothing runs smooth'

Warning: This article contains discussion of baby loss which some readers may find distressing

Gemma Collins has opened up about the ‘difficulties’ she’s faced trying to get pregnant, having previously revealed she was told to heartbreakingly terminate her ‘intersex’ baby.

Gemma, 43, recently spoke out about her experience with the terminated pregnancy a few years ago, tearfully saying in the Everything I Know About Me podcast that doctors had warned her ‘something’s not right’.

"They said to me 'oh your baby could be, from looking at it, [intersex]',” she explained a few weeks ago, adding that she was advised to have a termination.

In the latest episode of the podcast – which she has been hosting as a guest since earlier this month, having taken over from Spencer Matthews - Gemma spoke candidly about her struggles to conceive with fiancé Rami Hawash.

“We would love a baby, we try obviously all the time, but it's just not happening,” she said.

She said she and fiancé Rami Hawash would 'love' a baby together (Instagram/@gemmacollins)
She said she and fiancé Rami Hawash would 'love' a baby together (Instagram/@gemmacollins)

“Everything's difficult for me. Losing weight is difficult for me, having a baby is difficult for me, everything's difficult for me; nothing runs smooth.

“But this is my quest in life and this is the card I've been given. So, what do I do? Just go keep going with it. It will happen, I can have children.”

She continued: “My AMH level is a little bit low, but I've got to go in and have a clean, a sweep they said, like a chimney sweep, and then they'll give me Clomid and then I'll fall pregnant.

“This will all be worth it when I've got a mini-Rami around me demanding something. He’s got a beautiful son who's my step-son, and it's all good. We would like a little girl.”

Gemma said it would be ‘nice’ to have a baby of her own, saying she ‘hopes’ it happens for her one day.

She admitted she wasn’t sure she would have the ‘energy’ to do ‘loads of IVF, but was determined not to ‘worry’ or ‘stress’ about it, saying: “What’s meant to be is going to be.”

Gemma with step-son Tristan (Instagram/@gemmacollins)
Gemma with step-son Tristan (Instagram/@gemmacollins)

Gemma added: "I don't want the pressure. I met someone the other day that had a child at 49; how lovely? So we'll see.

“If not, I'll get a surrogate. The Kardashians done it, Paris Hilton done it, Gemma Collins can do it.”

The reality star says it’s ‘great’ to have step-son Tristan, who she loves like her own because he’s a ‘mini-Rami’.

“I've had him since he was three and I've got a really great relationship with his mum,” she said.

“There’s just no beef and it's great for the child and it's great for all of us, you know?”

Gemma said she enjoys getting to do ‘normal mother things’ with him at the weekend, as she finds it ‘very rewarding’.

“We're all lucky; they're lucky because they've got a good person in me and I'm lucky because ultimately, I get to experience life having a child,” she said, asking: “Do you see what I'm saying? I get that gift as well.”

If you need support and advice following a pregnancy loss, you can contact the Tommy’s team at [email protected] or visit the website here. You can also call them for free on 0800 014 7800, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gemmacollins/@everythingiknowaboutme

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