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Gemma Atkinson hits back after leaving fans concerned over photo of sleeping son Thiago

Gemma Atkinson hits back after leaving fans concerned over photo of sleeping son Thiago

She's been forced to hit back at her critics after being mum-shamed on Instagram

Gemma Atkinson has hit back after leaving fans concerned with a photo of her baby son Thiago sleeping in a bassinet.

Gemma, 38, is engaged to Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez, with whom she shares two kids – a three-year-old girl called Mia and son Thiago, born in July this year.

It looks like Gemma’s been taking her new life as a mum-of-two in her stride, often seen posting adorable snaps of the family enjoying their time as a foursome.

At the weekend, she said baby Thiago finally met her old radio pal Mike Toolan, sharing a smiling selfie of the three of them on Instagram.

“When Thiago met Toolan!” she wrote.

“Tools came round today and he gently leaned over the sleeping beauty to a welcoming sound of wet fart.

“As usual Tools ate half the contents in the fridge and left with more food boxed up for his tea. Someone’s gotta look after him.”

Thiago met Gemma's old radio pal Mike Toolan at the weekend.

A second snap showed Mike looking over Thiago in a bassinet as he slept – an image that some people found fault with.

“Please put him to sleep on his back to prevent SIDS [Sudden Infant Death Syndrome],” one begged.

Another commented: “There was a significant reduction in SIDS when the guidelines changed to put baby to sleep on back Vs front since '90s.

"I fully respect any decision the parent makes (and some babies indeed hate being on their back). However the evidence does strongly recommend that babies are placed on their back - and Gemma has a large following so I don't see an issue with people expressing some concern.”

The NHS website references sleeping position as a way to reduce the risk of SIDS, saying it’s best for the baby to sleep on their back.

“Place your baby on their back to sleep from the very beginning for both day and night sleeps,” it explains.

“This will reduce the risk of cot death. Do not put your baby to sleep on their side or tummy. Once your baby is old enough to roll over, there's no need to worry if they turn onto their tummy or side while sleeping.”

Some fans were left concerned after noticing Thiago's sleeping position.

However, Gemma has now hit back at her critics, explaining in a comment that Thiago only sleeps on his front when she’s sat next to him.

She said: "He does sleep on his back. He naps on his front a few times throughout the day when I’m sat on the chair next to him. He’s also able to lift and move his head in both directions when on his front. Not my first rodeo with babies [smiling emoji].”

Many other people also leapt to her defence on Instagram, with some pointing out that Gemma and Mike were clearly watching over Thiago as he lay in his bassinet.

One said: “Both my babies slept on their fronts, my eldest had club foot and struggled in his boots to sleep on his back. Plus this is the middle of the day, so if mum is watching what’s the problem?!

"People like to comment on things when it’s nothing to do with them.”

Another wrote: “When I had my first, forty yr ago. We were told to put them to sleep on their front. Thirteen months later, it was their side. Now it's their back.

"You're a good mum and like you say, not your first rodeo. You have to trust your instincts and looks like you're doing an excellent job.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@glouiseatkinson

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