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All the signs Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey had split after seven years together

All the signs Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey had split after seven years together

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted signs they'd already broken up

Amid the news that Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle had split from wife, Emma McVey after seven years together, fans have said they’d spotted signs that something was going on.

Gaz, who shares two children with Emma - Chester and Primrose – confirmed the news on Instagram earlier this week during a Q&A with fans.

He said there was no 'bad blood' between him and Emma, but that they simply both 'deserve to be happy'.

When asked if he was still with his wife, he candidly replied: “We split three weeks ago. We are still friends, there is no bad blood or anything and we have worked out the best way of doing it for the kids, which for me and Emma is always going to be the most important thing.

“We both deserve to be happy as well as being parents.”

Gaz announced the split on Instagram.

When another person asked if he planned to stay in Leeds now that they have broken up, he said: "I can't be too far away from the kids so I'll probs be looking like an hour radius, as I think Newcastle will be too much of a travel with them weekly and during the week."

Many fans have taken the discussion to comments on Gaz and Emma’s respective Instagram pages, with some saying they’d spotted signs that they’d split up before the news had actually broken.

One person had noticed a shift in the posts that Emma had been liking, explaining: “I had a feeling you and Gaz may have split from some of the posts you’d been liking. He says it’s amicable and I hope it is! Sending love to you all, even when it’s mutual it’s still tough when there’s kids involved.”

Posting about the matter before Gaz had even said anything, another said they’d not seen him or Emma posting about one another anymore.


They asked Gaz: "Have you and Emma split up? You are never in the same photos or post anything about each other anymore. Just curious."

Another said: “Ye I was thinking same and gutted I loved them both together.”

Indeed, the last grid post of Emma he shared was on 13 September, when he paid tribute to her on her birthday.

Gaz's last grid post with Emma was over a month ago.

"Happy bday to the best mummy and wife see you soon," he wrote, adding: "Don’t look a day over 20.

"Love how you still get ID’d for a can of Monster."

When Emma posted snaps about her making the ‘best memories’ with her two kids, one person asked: “Where’s Gary?”

A second speculated: “I do think they have split up.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gazbeadle

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